Originally Posted July 2 2016

Chaos; arguably the opposite of peace. It is the unsettling feeling of having nothing one can rely on or turn to. It spreads like a disease with chaos begetting more chaos. Not only does our world seem to be heading that direction with the major countries reaching turmoil after turmoil, and a post apocalyptic wasteland/dystopian future being accepted as pretty much the only future we have to look forward to, but on top of this there are those who would stir the flames to purposely strike and create more chaos like Ares of mythos.

As groups like ISIS, the Taliban, the media, ambitious usurpers, profiting from the repetitive stirring of trouble, it seems like peace is becoming a distant memory as people are on edge and beginning to question who and what they actually can trust anymore?

So how does one create chaos anyways? Ironically the easiest way is to let peace take hold.

Any con artist, or terrorist, or war mongerer will know that the easiest way to create chaos is to make the people doubt peace. People have things they turn to and rely on. The safety of their country. The trust of their friends. The hope for their future. To truly create chaos you must discredit but not destroy these things.

You must create an enemy who is indistinguishable from friend. Create a country they feel they must stay in but feel they have no control over. You must give them the hope that the future MIGHT work out, but make it seem so unlikely at the same time. If those lights of hope are snuffed out completely, chaos cannot ensue.

Humans are adaptable and hearty creatures. If given an enemy or a challenge they CAN and WILL overcome it.

Give them a solid enemy and they will unite to destroy it. Give them a destitute country or home and they will leave it and create a new home. Give them no hope for the future and they will go down trying to fight it. But keep that crumb of hope in there to keep them apathetic and scared to lose what they have left, and you will destroy them.

So why do I bring up such a depressing subject? Why talk about how to manipulate and torture other people? Because manipulation is a funny thing. It is one of the most powerful tools but only works when you think you aren’t being manipulated.

When someone turns out to be a con artist, or a terrorist, or a madman… usually people say “I never would have guessed it! He/She seemed like such an average and decent guy/girl!” And why on earth not?? I mean that’s the most basic rule of manipulation. Unlike teasing which relies on you making someone take you too seriously and then making a fool out of them for it, manipulation relies on you putting someone at ease, and feeling it would be foolish to question their motives. Whether this be by playing an interested party in their life and interests, or playing on their insecurities of looking naive such as in the Emperor’s new clothes, the more reason you give someone to believe you are a decent person, the more heinous things you can do behind their backs without them noticing.

That being said. If this illusion is to be broken, and someone is to question the intentions of said party, then suddenly the truth begins to come to light. Whether this be by too few contradictions in what they do (As is common of someone who tries too hard to deceive) or too many contradictions to just be coincidence… all those things you simply brushed aside as paranoia begin to add up and become clear to you.

We are in the midst of a war right now. And I don’t mean the cold war, the war on terrorism, or any civil war… no… this war is much bigger and much larger than simply the kingdoms of man fighting together. There is a war waged over humanity itself. God fights for us because He loves us. The devil fights for us because God loves us and it’s the easiest way to get to God.

This world has hit a patch of chaos… whether this to be the usual bicentury switch over of world powers, or just a rough patch who knows. But still chaos is happening. Mankind has become proud and foolish… fighting amongst themselves instead of uniting. The world powers are wavering crippled with debt, secrets, double talk, and stress. The people crave sensation and things to react to, yet feel no desire to act or grow. Anger and excitement have become the driving force for most emotions. People question who is friend and who is foe even within their own towns. Scapegoats are created and witchhunts are organized. The concept of “the path to adulthood” has been blown to smitherings by debt, expectations, and a dead job market. And so we stand and watch as everything we once learned to rely on and lean on absolutely destroyed…. but we are not dead.

Know that even if the world stands against you, the God who created everything stands behind you. Though people will fail you, the kingdoms will fall, though what illusions of strength you have will fade away, God is! God was! God always shall be! He is the absolute. He is here for your benefit! He is here if you turn to Him!

Chaos comes from the destruction of what you feel you can rely on. Thus the only way to properly combat chaos is to rely on the one thing that could never be destroyed.

We are at war. But it is not a war of destroying the enemy. It is a war of discovering Him and learning friend from foe!


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