Wisdom is a Double Edged Sword

Wisdom is a double edged sword…

Contrary to what its rarity might suggest, wisdom is not actually very hard to obtain. In fact, it is one of the few things the Bible states we will be given whenever and no matter how often we ask for it. God does live up to this bargain too, but… if you long for wisdom to stand over others and have the masses come from far and wide to hear of your guidance in order to govern their lives…. give up…. wisdom is not quite what people often think it is…
Imagine you found a pair of glasses lying on the ground, and when you put them on you suddenly saw monsters standing all around you. These monsters were always there, and cause great calamity to those who encounter them through injury, corruption, or even destruction… but they are also invisible to most.

This is essentially what wisdom is like.

The double edged part of wisdom however, comes from how even if you can see things others seem to miss, doesn’t mean you can convince others of the severity of your words. You can call out of course, but most will look forward and see empty space where you call out monsters and proceed to walk in where they are quickly attacked. When they are attacked, they are focused on the damage and so the fact that you warned them of this result is most likely the last thing on their minds meaning future warnings will provide similar effects.
Every so often there will be a time when the majority of people realize there is a monster somewhere and will bring people together in arms to escape its clutches. They will question why you are not overwhelmed by the monster they are all terrified of, unaware that you are already overwhelmed by the thousands of others they are still seemingly unaware of.
They will usually proceed to mass exodus away from said monster and walk directly into the lair of another. Again, you may call out warnings, but they will not understand. After all, they know there is a monster behind them, and they can see nothing but empty space before them. Why are you trying to prevent them from escaping? Do you want them all to be destroyed??
And so you sit, and watch… as countless people run into the same monsters, some times the same person repetitively runs into the same monster…
Having the ability to see danger does not mean you will have the ability or power to let others recognize danger…
At the same time, will you ever take off the glasses? You know these monsters exist whether you can see them or not. Naivety is not something you can regain once lost. You can choose to have ignorance but that is far from the same and the consequences are far worse… Therefore wisdom, while powerful and impactful for your life, and truly worth pursuing, also comes with the pain of occasionally feeling like you are no more effective than a fortune cookie, writing words that people oo and ahh over and then quickly toss aside as if nothing had changed.

Even still, wisdom is worth pursuing… Even still the impacts you have do exist… Even still, you should never stop trying

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