An Economic Cycle

You know… the more history you learn, the more patterns you begin to see. There is one which has repeated itself time and time again which somewhat frustrates me.
A society that looks out for each other and focuses on working together to give what they can WILL have an excess… this is because while it is very impossible for people to sustain themselves on their own… our strengths together don’t add on each other but instead multiply. When people work together, society begins to lay the groundwork to rebuild and grow.
However as I said… there will be an excess. More than we need. As people come to realize this, they begin to come up with methods of acquiring this excess for themselves. Ways to capitalize on it and use it to grow the things they are capable of. And not only will they get away with it, but they will flourish. They will flourish so much that people will look up to them, admire them, want what they have, and begin to study and learn about what they did. Though these are often called “A Golden Age” it is more the beginning of the end for the potential that society has to offer.
As more people learn these methods to get themselves more, and begin to implement these methods… we hit a new problem…. While people working together causes an excess… that excess is only ye large, and not nearly large enough for every person to live to the extent of someone who devoted their lives on capitalizing on that overlooked excess…
think of it this way. If one person were to go to a public building’s garbage dumpster to dump their own garbage while no one was looking… while they WOULD be quite a jerk… chances are there will be enough room in that dumpster that it won’t cause many complications. However if many people see the money this person is saving, and decide to do the same thing… it won’t take too long for that dumpster to be filled even before the company deals with their own trash… the same thing happens with the economy.
As people see their own survival wealth beginning to disappear, and all the people who are taking the excess for themselves… they begin to panic. They begin to drag in what little wealth they can and hold onto it. They turn their focus onto their own survival. Trying to make sure they will be able to put bread on their table the next day…. the only problem with this though is what I said before…. if we work to try and give to others and make growth for others to enjoy there will be an excess because our strengths multiply on each other. If we focus entirely on trying to protect ourselves, we will fail… because no person can sustain themselves. At this point our economy crumbles.
What happens next can go either way…. Sometimes a nation just crumbles. Desperately clinging to what little value they can hold onto. But sometimes something else happens.
Desperate times cause people to make desperate choices. There are those who see that they cannot survive alone and thus start bringing people to themselves. New companies start, new ideas flourish. They face adversity together. sweat together. labour together. And slowly but surely they build something new as the juggernauts of the past collapse around them. And then the cycle resets.
I am not saying this is the only cause of economic change. Technology, wars, crisis, and more… these all have an effect on the intricate web. But this is a pattern we see time and time again that few people talk about.
A company is formed and makes choices that will help people find work. A few generations later that company makes choices to maintain that company. A few generations later people join that company to improve their own resume. Then it all falls apart.
What do we do to face this? Honestly, it’s hard to give advice that involves what majority of the world does… because how does one convince majority of the world to give a different direction a try? I am just one voice making one post on observations I have made. I do not know how to fix a system involving billions of independent minds, some of which have no desire to change, others of which are too scared to try… But I think there are some things we can do.
Be careful of who you idolize. There are ways to be productive that are not as productive as they look. Aim to help others, and inspire others to help those around them. Pray… a lot…. we really need it more than anything.
We cannot control what others around us may do. But we are each of us responsible for the actions we ourselves make. Take this responsibility seriously. Look out for those around you as you can. Be patient with others, be diligent, be deep in prayer