Act Don’t REact

Originally Posted June 9 2016

When I was learning to drive my father told me that in an emergency I should act, not react. If you act when something startles you, you can usually avoid it, but if you react to it, you will just end up in a ditch. This advice, I have found, is applicable to so much more than just driving.

We are a reactionary culture. When we see something that offends us, we take up arms against it. If it doesn’t strike our sense of vengen…justice, then we walk by without noticing. There is no analysis of what offends us. No asking why they did it, why we care, or how this lines up with other things we believe. We just rely entirely on the thrill of the moment to guide us.

In our legal system, it honestly matters very little what proof you bring forth or what tactics you use. At the end of the day, it is the one who wins the hearts of the jury (who often don’t even want to be there) that wins.

In politics, who cares what good you do or what bad. It is the one the media celebrates that gets voted in. Afterall it’s a lot of work to pay attention to politics, and even if they use a lot of negative words to describe one guy and positive words to describe another, they are unbiased right?

In social justice. Oh let me tell you a heartbreaking story about my cause. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, just so long as it gets you riled up. Oh wait…We realized that person was lying? That means their whole cause is irrelevant! It doesn’t matter if they were right or wrong… We will judge the entire validity of their cause on the actions of one 13 year old who offends us!

And even in love. I love you as long as I feel I love you. I hope this excitement never ends, but if it ever does, I’m sorry But it is over. Afterall, love is the excitement you make me feel when you do stuff for me that motivates me to do stuff for you, not the action of being there for you even when I don’t get anything out of it!

Now I’ll say it up front. I am not condemning instincts and emotions. I’m an empath (person who has extra blood flow to the observation portions of the brain making their intuition higher than most) with my intuition in the high 90s…. I have been all my life. So trust me, I appreciate the feelings of gut sense and intuition.

But here is the thing. Intuition was never meant to replace thinking. It was meant to make you aware of when you need to think harder. When you need to start observing more. When you need to ask more questions.

If you avoid using your mind because you feel uneasy, you are using your intuition wrong. Approach with caution and learn what it is you are not seeing. The mind misses a lot, intuition misses stuff too. But together they become an formidable force!


Standards for Happiness

Originally Posted June 4 2016

You know . . . I sometimes wonder if it is not that there are more ways for people to find purpose and happiness these days, as much as that the bar for the “bare minimum” of purpose and happiness is set so much lower than it used to be . .

I remember as a kid, I had a dream about Pippi Longstockings and was CERTAIN I was in love. Then in the first grade there was a girl I hung out with all the time, and was certain THAT was love…. In the seventh grade there was a girl who made my heart beat faster every time I saw her. Surely that was love! By highschool there was a girl I really wanted to be best friends with and said hi every chance I had. Surely by then THAT had to be love right? By college I thought that if someone ACTUALLY asked me out, that must be love? By the time I graduated I wondered if love was simply going for someone I looked up to and admired. Now a days I really haven’t a single clue what relationship love is… You can (and in my opinion should) love everyone, so it’s more than your feelings and your efforts… I feel like it’s a balance between chemistry and compromise; putting the other person first, but realizing that neither of you should stand in the others’ way of where life is leading them. That if you really love some one sometimes the best thing you can do is let them find someone who won’t hold them back. Finding someone you are equally helping each other through this thing called life, not one carrying the other… but where you draw those lines is beyond me.

My concept of love has changed, and I’m not so daft as to think it won’t change again. The thing is that we aren’t really born with an in depth knowledge of love, just a knowledge that whatever it is we really need it.

With that being said, I see a lot of people talking about their love lives (in general I’m not calling out any of you guys) Some of the bragging I hear is as follows:

I know I have found love because we don’t argue like my parents did.
I know I have found love because they don’t beat or rape my children.
I know I have found love because we make out every day.
I know I have found love because they do it whenever I want.
I know I have found love because my heart feels good.
I know I have found love because I can leave whenever I want.
I know I have found love because we promised we won’t impact each others’ lives.
I know I have found love because I feel I can leave and not be hurt.
I know I have found love because there is no marriage to break.
I know I have found love because they let me have relationships with others.
I know I have found love because they let me do what I want.
I know I have found love because we don’t scream like my parents.
I know I have found love because we don’t talk behind each others’ backs like my parents.
I know I have found love because we are happy unlike my parents.
I know I have found love because he is still around unlike my father
I know I have found love because they try to be sober around the kids.
I know I have found love because that’s what I decided.

. . . Okay I’m sorry but NO! NO! NO! I am not saying this for the sake of religious morals, old school beliefs, or non progressive life style. I’m not saying this out of fear of corruption. I am saying this because you genuinely deserve so much more than that. I mean, if you’re considering yourself the luckiest person in the world because they are survivable, or because they don’t hurt those you care about (or yourself)… maybe your standards are a bit too low.

I do not consider myself an expert on these issues. I mean let’s admit it, I’m a single guy, haaaardly expert. But at the same time… I wonder if sometimes we view our Christian walks as “We have to avoid the fun of sin to live the hard but rewarding life God wants for us.” but… what if it is not a restraint to follow God’s plan but far more rewarding?

I could spend a little amount of time going to Zhers for their sushi, and if I spent my entire life only trying that I might think it was alright. It would take a lot more effort going to Japan or even a legit sushi shop… but so help me it tastes a lot better.

Encouragement of Injustice

Originally Posted June 2 2016

Crazy thought… But it’s actually surprisingly encouraging that bad things, injustice, and suffering happens in this world.

Now hang with me a second here. I am not saying it is a good thing that bad things happen… But there is encouragement to be found in the fact that there are bad things.

Take it this way. What is a bad thing? …no not examples… What fundamentally makes something bad? The simple answer is this. For there to be something bad there must first be something good. For unless there can be a “Good” to compare it to, ultimately nothing that has or can be done can possibly be considered bad.

Now if the fact that there must be good in this world is not encouraging enough for you, here’s question 2:

How can you know that something is bad? Like not what signs can you see… I mean how are you physically capable as a human being to know what is good or bad?

Now my college professors at this point would go on a rant of social norms, and cultural expectations, taboos, group think, what have you… Let’s face the facts…. For the last 7000 years humanity has held the relatively same basic morals following the same basic cycle from each kingdom’s rise and fall to power. Every “Progressive social justice” issue you push has been pushed before, every “World destroying fault” has been faulted before…. Though aesthetics have changed, the general mechanics of society and the progress of civilizations have remained untouched for 7000 years…

So long story short… Morals and society are something far deeper than peer pressure. They are human nature itself.

So the question then is… How can we as corrupt, and cruel humans who cheat, lie, live selfish lives, give in to greed and lust… How can we know so well from day 1, “Oh… I shouldn’t do that… This shouldn’t happen to me… This is bad!”

The answer is quite simple… You have to have been created to be good.

So yes…. There is bad in this world… But take comfort in knowing that in order for there to be bad there must also be good out there!

Yes, people are capable of great evil, but we are created for great good.

Realize there are two sides to the coin. For great suffering there is also great encouragement to be found.

Never give up. Keep aiming for the good!

“Killed God”

Originally Posted May 26 2016

They say that they killed God.

They laugh and jive and cheer. “God may have created man!” They cry “But man now has killed God!”

They sing it like a war anthem while locked in their little walls. The walls they put up to shut the world away. The world that scared them, the world that was bigger than them, the world they could not explain or understand. They lock it all away so that the illusion can stand. The illusion that man has grown in power and that this little corner is all there ever was.

But outside the walls a storm is brewing. The war continues to rage on. The enemy need not breach the walls, for the walls do not protect, they contain.

The battle goes on, but the end is near. The enemy knows he has lost. There is no point in trying to win, only in taking as much with him as he can. He laughs as he knows all he holds.

Inside the walls the trouble grows. The walls are cramped and limiting. There is not much room for growth, and there is so much missing. But to suggest the walls exist would be to suggest the world outside exists, so instead people stay quiet and complain.

There is no room to grow, so instead they dig deep. They dig a pit of which there is no escape. They dig deeper and deeper into their little plot of land releasing all the terrors and dangers which lie beneath. But this must be the direction they were meant to go, as it is the only direction there is, afterall they have explored all there is in the world… At least within their walls.

Most of all they hate those who look beyond the walls. Those who warn of dangers approaching, or travel to seek new lands. Such actions are foolhardy and fantasy! Man has no need of such things! Man is safe! Man is contained! Man is where man is meant to be!

Beware the feeling that you have a grasp on this world, for the world is too vast for the human mind to grasp. Man has not grown in power the last 7000 years. We still live the same way we always have, complain about the same things we always have, draw the same lines we always have.

Humans have not grown, their worlds have only shrunk. A world which still exists is blocked out of view. In spite what people may think, what you do not see CAN and WILL still affect you.

What Is Strength?

Originally Posted May 23 2016

What is strength? I mean people keep asking for it… and looking for it…

“To be strong and independent!” “I need to be stronger!” “We are a strong nation!” “Don’t show weakness!” “I only want a strong man!” “I only want a strong woman!” “My coffee needs to be strong enough to bench press a car AS I drink it!”

I mean, the pursuit of strength and fear of weakness has such a huge impact on our society but what on earth is it??

I mean… some would say “Strength is the ability to be yourself no matter what others say!” but… that is a use of strength… not what strength is… and to tell you honestly… there’s a limit to the strength of someone who tosses away the advice of others so that pursuit of strength holds an ultimate weakness…

Others might say “I will know I’m strong when my biceps will kiss my pecs when I flex!” but again… is that strength? It’s a little disturbing… but honestly a lot of the physically strongest people I’ve met have also been some of the weakest, so what strength is in physical strength?

Strength is the ability to protect those you care about? To do the right thing even when it’s hard? To seek improvement in all things? All these are forms of strength but not strength in itself. So what is strength??

Well… simplest way I can put it is this:

Strength is the ability to overcome difficult obstacles.

….yeah… that’s it… when you really boil it down, that’s all that strength ultimately is. Ironically though, strength on its own is fairly weak. We see this a lot in our culture now a days.

Without wisdom, strength can only take you so far. It is one thing to be able to fight battles, but it is another to be able to know which battles are worth fighting. If you are the type of person who will threaten underpaid employees for slow service, stand up for your beliefs by belittling others INSTEAD of supporting your own arguments, or believe you can out argue anyone with logic without first thinking ‘do they want to listen?’ then… I am sorry… but your ‘strength’ is probably doing more damage than good.

Strength is power, but wisdom is precision.

But that being said. Even with wisdom, strength can still be dangerous. I have met many strong and wise people who have destroyed many including themselves… why? Because without love, strength and wisdom will tell you how to fight, but not what you’re fighting for.

If you focus your life on destroying those who oppose you… I am sorry, you have no future. There is no hope for a destroyer. They will only achieve their goals by ultimately destroying themselves as they have destroyed everything else in their lives. The world will be dark and empty. There will be no hope or light. All their world will be consumed by the darkness they cannot snuff out and that seems to grow the more they fight it. This is how hatred works. It spreads. To those around you, and through yourself until you are saturated with it and it is all you see.

This is where love comes in. Don’t fight to destroy those who oppose you. Fight to build a brighter future. Fight to protect those who are hurting. Someone who is strongly fighting to build and protect will actually never even see the enemy save for when they are foolish enough to try to cross you. You will be far too busy and too focused on those you care about and look out for to be distracted by them.

So where does this bring us? Well… if we truly want to be strong people, I guess we need to realize some things…

1. A strong person is not a destroyer. Any weakling can destroy. A strong person will build and protect.

2. Strength alone is not strength at all. Without wisdom for precision, and love for aim, there is no strength in strength. Only a wild and indiscriminate force


news flash… rage and hatred is not true strength… actually they take very little strength to use… they come quite naturally to us… It takes true strength to keep scrolling. It takes true strength to weather the insults. It takes IMMENSE strength to see someone who hates your guts and everything you care about and think “…that person is still a wonderful human being loved by God and I still care about them.”

I’m a simple guy myself. I have two modes. Support, and annihilate, and have trouble with anything in between. If someone is a jerk, or hurting people I care about, or spreading false info about something I care about, I think about how easy it would be just to absolutely and utterly destroy them, and how good it would feel doing it… but that is not strength… nor is strength built from doing that… nor is anything accomplished by doing that…

I do not weather storms well… so quite often I try to dodge and avoid instead… but life calls for more than that… I don’t know if true strength is ever achievable but… it’s worth fighting for… it’s worth growing in… We are meant for more than just destruction… we are stronger than we ever know… we just have to use the true strength, not the fake one our society has come to worship and uphold

Old and New Testament

Originally Posted May 23 2016

I find it interesting how in the bible the old testament is almost entirely devoted to saying “What they did” and “What to do.” This creates a very long book which can actually be pretty confusing on its own… “Obey God. Follow these rules. These people did all this stuff. Some of it was good, some not so good but we won’t tell you every time there is a difference.”

The new testament on the other hand is like the opposite. We have instead a book devoted almost entirely to WHY we do the things we do, with very little information as to what was happening at the time. Because of this we have a much shorter book which tends to lead a much heavier impact on peoples’ lives.

But then there is a third method I don’t see people using very often. And that is using the New Testament almost like a key to unlocking the depth that lies within the old testament. To realize from the new testament how we serve a God that loves us. Who wants what’s best for us. How it is our heart more than our actions that hit him as we are not perfect people and do mess up… You then get left with a very long book of God trying to explain to people “DON’T DO THIS! YOU ARE MADE FOR MORE THAN THIS!” But those people just not getting it through their heads.

Human Beings

Originally Posted May 12 2016

Human Beings:

Incredibly complex creatures capable of actions that surpass logic, instincts, and expectations for reasons they themselves don’t fully understand. In spite of this you can predict most their actions within half a day of studying as they have repeated the same patterns for the last 7000 years in the name of rebellion and progress.