Were They Weak?

You know, We really tend to underestimate what people in the bible did due to the fact that we get to see the whole picture across only a few chapters.
Was Abraham a fool for not trusting God? He should have trusted God yes…. but after living 5 years on faith alone with nothing to prove you have a chance…. I can tell you living 25 years on just faith is quite an amazing accomplishment…
Was Job a fool and that’s why God scolded him? God was right in the things he said, but that doesn’t change the fact that the reason Job went through such trials was to prove what God had already believed in him, that he was a holy and faithful man, (how’s that for interesting logic??)
Was Elijah a fool for praying God would strike him down? Yes he should have trusted God would turn things around…. but when you are faced with something greater than you can handle, and nothing but even greater trials lay ahead, it is very easy to realize you are not cut out for this living stuff and would it not be better for God to just end you here on a high note?? (It wouldn’t be better but the mindset is very easy to go to)
Was Jesus a fool for begging God for a different path? (I dared to say it!) You know… this is one I’m still working through… what right we have to ask God for stuff and how much we need to just trust and follow His path…. but if there is one thing I think…. it is this…. Yes God does want us to make mature choices, and follow Him, and believe in Him….. but if we can’t be honest about our feelings with God then who can we??? If we cannot bring our doubts and frustrations before God, and we continue to cling onto them ourselves afraid to show our weakness before God…. Then how can God take those weaknesses and fears away from us? God already knows we’re weak and frustrated. You aren’t revealing a shocker by being honest…. but you are accepting that He can help you by being honest.

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