Hearing God’s Voice

How are we supposed to live? By following God and doing as He says.
But how do we know what He says?
How do you know if you’re listening for God’s voice? You know God. You read His word and understand Him… but more than that you WANT to follow Him.
If there was no God and this was all up to our interpretation, then it would make sense to be nervous about “Am I doing what’s right or just what I want to do?” because it would be us deciphering what is true and what is not. BUT Since God is real, why do we have so much trouble understanding He can and WANTS to talk to us???
It is not us simply chasing after God, God is reaching out to us. And how will He talk to us? It differs from occasion to occasion because it is not about us trying to reach Him and decipher Him from all the other voices. It is about us listening and trusting that He wants to reach us just as badly if not more than we want to reach Him.
Will you make mistakes in life? Yes. Will you convince yourself your own wants are God’s voice from time to time… most likely. But the thing is that if you really want to hear God’s voice in your life and trust Him to reach out, He will. He wants to. He’s waiting for you to let Him. But it’s not always like a “Earth shaking and blinding light” revelation. Sometimes it comes from following Him for weeks before you suddenly clue in “This wisdom… it’s not my own… it never was my own… Praise God!”

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