As Strongholds Crumble

It is really a mistake when we view people of this world and think “Wow… That person is so strong.” or “Wow. That person was weak.” Is there any one strong enough that this life can’t tear them down? Is there really anyone out there who isn’t in some way giving life what they believe is their best?
Do not consider yourself superior because you can keep a cool head in a crisis, or won’t show your emotions. Do not consider someone inferior because they give into a different weakness than yourself.
Is anyone strong enough that God cannot bring them to their knees? Is there anyone too weak for God to raise up above the rest?
Even the highest tower of pride we have can be toppled so easily. Even the strongest fortress of confidence we have can be crumbled without a second thought.
The thought that Christianity is about us becoming strong, and improving ourselves to take on life’s troubles is wrong. We are human… and no matter what we do and how we improve that is all we will ever be.
It is about trusting in God… through the storms, through the sunny days, through the lonely nights…. and believing in Him. Not because of what we get out of it… but because He is God and we have chosen to follow Him.
“I believe that our God can save us, but even if he doesn’t, we will follow Him.”

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