Lies and Contradictions

How do you spot when a lie has been created? The answer is quite simple… When a lie is created, a contradiction is simultaneously created as their lie contradicts the truth. As we realize this contradiction we begin to lie more to cover it up which in turn creates more contradictions which are harder and harder to hide. Then, as time passes, our need to cover up our lie creates multiple contradictions and even begins to drift slowly from what our original lie was.

Contradiction is NOT to be mistaken with different perspective however. I could say I went to the beach and saw Jane, while Jane could say she saw many people on the beach today. The fact that she speaks of many but not me while I speak of one which is her does not contradict each other. It simply shows that we care about different details.

We are currently in a day and age which is rife with contradictions. People become worse tyrants than those they are fighting. People sell themselves cheaply in an attempt to raise their self worth. People try to destroy people who differ from them in an attempt to create equality and peace.

We have reached the stage where people no longer even try to hide the contradictions they live though they seem to be mostly oblivious to it themselves. But do not point out the contradictions. Simply observing them will do the person more harm than good.

Until a person WANTS to change, they won’t change. Until a person WANTS to be different more than they fear or find comfort in staying as they are, they never will be.

You cannot control the human heart. A person must LET you do it. Until they do, no amount of announcements, knowledge, or explanation will save them. Till then the only hope is God’s not yours


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