Noticing Miracles

I find a lot of people tend to miss miracles when they happen… “Well that was lucky!” “What a coincidence!” “Things worked out in the end.” These are things I hear a lot of Christians saying these things when really the truth is “God is good!”

But why do we do this? I don’t think it’s because we underestimate God, as much as that we overestimate what a miracle feels like.

When we hear “Miracle” we expect the skies to break open, the impossible to take place, and for our hearts to burst from the sheer awe and wonder that just slapped us in the face!

The truth though is… that much like a crisis… when a miracle takes place, the first thing that strikes you as odd is just how… normal it feels. Something happens that you didn’t expect yes, but you don’t feel like you’ve been transported to some magical new land. You just feel like this was a strange thing that happened on a normal day.

Why does this happen?? Well I think the answer to that is a lot less accusatory than “YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH FAITH YOU HEATHENS!” No… though I have seen that given in the past, I think the truth is simply…. that miracles really are a common part of our every day life.

You are made up of bajillions of tiny organisms who only know how to split. Furthermore made up of tiny molecules which are further made up of tiny atoms which are 90% empty space…. We require, and create energy, which while we see the effects of everywhere around us and in us, we have still yet to understand or see what it actually is. We are sitting on a planet spinning SUPER fast, cycling a sun SUPER fast, in a solar system spinning around a giant black hole SUPER fast, in a galaxy moving SUPER fast! With a near limitless number of other planets, solar systems, and galaxies, and yet we don’t hit. They say that from atoms to planets, if the balance was a tiny fragment of a second off we’d all blow to smitherings in a chain of destruction… We create living beings inside the womb of a woman, we create and affect emotions which have physical effects on the body, there are crazy animals, amazing wonders, incredibly seesaw like weather patterns…. this reality is full of miracles every day… so why would one more feel any different?

So why does it feel a bit guilt ridden to not notice a “miracle” when it happens in our life? Or a better question, what are we doing wrong in the first place?

Well first and foremost… the miracle itself is not the amazing thing. The Bible itself says not to chase signs and wonders as anyone can do that. You will not feel amazing for having a miracle happen in your life. Maybe a little thankful, but not the MAD AMOUNTS OF AWE AND WONDER WHICH HUMBLES YOU TO THE GROUND! A miracle does not have that power… the realization of who GAVE that miracle does.

So the answer is quite simple… stop looking for that “feeling of a miracle” to look for if God is acting in your life. Have faith that God IS acting in your life and get to know how much he loves you and looks out for you, so that you’ll recognize when He intercedes… and by the by… He is ALWAYS interceding…. but some times are a bit more obvious than others… when you start living that way, you’ll be surprised how many times you find yourself floored by just how much He intercedes and in what ways.


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