How to View Others

You know, being a leader has so much more to do with one’s heart than one’s abilities.

There are those who feel they are the leader because they are the strongest out there… however they lack vision or empathy towards those who are not gifted with natural talent.

In contrast there are those who are swimming in vision. Who have a new dream every day and are excited to get others to follow along! They are great at getting people worked up, but lack the perseverance to see things through, and quickly give over responsibility or give up entirely when things get hard for them.

Then there are those who are just driven to help those around them. They may not be the strongest, or have the most confidence in how to make things happen… but they see the people around them struggling… and they want to do what they can to help. Whether in a management, or just a fellow worker role… these are the people who usually end up being a leader.

In society people tend to focus too much on saving what is worth while to them. Racism, prejudice, discrimination. All these things centre around the concept of believing people to be beneath equal treatment due to who they are or what they can and cannot do.

“All men are created equal”… How often do we use that phrase to believe “All people are created the same”? But… that’s not the case. There are tons of things that seem so simple for other people that I can never keep up with myself. At the same time there are things that I can see or do that others seem completely blind to frustratingly enough.

We are not created identical…. but should your treatment of other people be based on what they can do for you? Or as the classic selfishness justification term goes… “What they can do for ‘Society’?”

Our treatment of others should not be based on if they live up to our standards… but on our realization of who we are. How we all are nothing more than weak souls who are struggling as best we can against this monster called life.

Realize we are all fighting together. Don’t judge one person because you deem them to not be giving as much as you in this fight against life! If you have the time to judge them, then you clearly aren’t fighting hard enough to begin with!

Judge others’ lives not as what they are worth to you, but as in what you can give to them! This world is crazy, and we need everyone to get through it!


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