Timey Wimey Stuff

What is time? Does it really matter to know?

If we think about it there have been many individual arguments which churches and scholars have split on claiming to be unique and independent issues which really all boil down to this one specific question.

There are those who believe time to be something that has an end, yet that we are all stuck in. Afterall, it is the reality we have grown up in so why would there be anything else?

Because of this belief, they tell of how our actions have already been decided, which to them may be a great encouragement, yet to others is considered a grand tragedy. What happened to our free will? Why even try in life if all your life has been predetermined for you?

To me this argument has never made sense. Partially for why it is considered to be so foundational to our beliefs, but also because it seems like two separate arguments which have been combined into one.

Knowing the end, and controlling the end are not in themselves the same thing. In fact, orchestrating the end, and controlling the players is also not the same thing.

God knows how the world will end. He knows WHEN it will end, WHO will be there in the end, the choices you make even before you make them. So what? Are your choices then meaningless? NO! Just because He knows how your struggle will end, does not mean there is no point to your struggle. Just because in the end the world will go to pot doesn’t mean we should not fight to make it better. Just because God already knows who will go to heaven and who will not does not mean your struggles have no place!

The example I like to use is reading a comic strip (Because I like comics!) We look at a comic strip in 3-8 panels. We see the entire timeline of the comic sitting there before us. We know how the comic will end because we are outside of that timeline. Does that mean the character in panel 1 should not struggle to move forward until he reaches the final panel? NO! His struggle and our observation are not tied together at all!

Time is a dimension. This much has been brought up in religion and science alike. Yet our opinion of “dimensions” tends to differ from what they truly are.

We tend to view dimensions as “the multiverse”. A series of mirrored worlds which run parallel to each other, which in theory could be jumped between, yet should not interact with each other. When in truth, a dimension is far simpler than that!

What is a difference between 2D and 3D? Did you realize the D stands for dimension? That’s because a new dimension is simply adding a new direction to the dimension that the previous could not go to.

A stick figure in the 2D world could never comprehend the z axis of the 3D world, while you and I in the 3D world can interfere with the 2D world (though not fit our entirety within it) When we view it this way we realize that it actually is pretty similar to other things we see in the bible.

This world is temporary. Time has an end. Our souls will live on. God is outside it all. The more I think about it, the more I ponder a slightly out there observation.

I wonder what if there are other dimensions? No not the sci fi parallel dimension theory, but ACTUAL dimensions where each higher number can interact with the lesser one yet not fit within entirely. I would in fact say there can be a good argument made to there being at least 7 if not more.

Of course there are the simple ones we know of. 1st dimension is a dot, 2nd dimension is flat, 3rd dimension is our material world as we know and observe it… I would then argue that the 4th dimension is our souls. Since they will apparently be what goes beyond our bodies and our world. Since they are what are most affected by the spiritual world, by emotions, by our beliefs.

5th dimension I would say are angels and demons, since every person who has seen either has been struck down by either insanity or or just the awe struck wonder as if their strength had left them.

6th dimension I would say is time. Why do I rank it so high at this point? Because while the Bible says our souls and the angels and demons etc all will go beyond time, it also states that we are all currently bound to time. Even the devil appears to be bound TO time since it is not till the end when his punishment will come. Angels as well, being messengers of God, have brought forth prophesies, but were simply delivering messages FROM God, not showing that they knew the future themselves. It is for this reason that I would put time at the 6th.

At which point we get to the 7th (though as I said there could be more so perhaps it would be better just to call it “the top”) This would be where God is. Outside of time. The judge of right and wrong. The creator of all things. The knower of all things.

I won’t be so pompous as to say that I know better than anyone else who says anything against this theory… as in the end it really is just a theory. I will just say that I’ve yet to hear an argument that stood well against it, and that it really does put a lot of pointless arguments to rest.

In the end, whether you believe in an ironclad destiny, or a responsibility driven free will… I don’t think that really is the most important question to be asking…. because quite honestly I think the answer is “We can’t really understand it ourselves.” I mean it’s beyond ourselves with our bodies and most our senses in the 3rd dimension and spirits in the 4th (provided I am right.) Yeesh… even if I’m wrong it still doesn’t change this is something we really just don’t get…. But so what? Whether you believe God controlled what end you have, or will be helping you come to the result He knows you’ll reach… does it really change the fact that you have to live your life chasing after Him to the best of your abilities?? If you think it does I think THAT is a greater crisis than how you interpret things beyond you! God told us to follow Him! So do it!


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