The Trick of Reality

Reality is like a slight of hand magic trick.

You can spend months wracking your brain over how it works, but then the moment you learn the trick, it takes only a few seconds to explain.

In the same way, in reality, we wonder how things work. Why things are the way we are. We ponder and mull over terms for hours, days, months, and years… but when we finally come across an answer, we realize how stupidly simple it was all along. In fact, even a child could understand it if they knew the answer.

With each answer we gain however, new questions appear as other questions in life are affected by each answer we gain. The more answers we see, the broader our scope of the big picture we can see as each puzzle piece we gain fits in a variety of places. This is how we grow, by building one piece on top of another, and letting our understanding of the world grow broader and broader.

The answers we gain we then teach to our children, and to students in school. They are given the collection of answers we struggled through life to gain so that they can start with a far larger picture than we started with, and can hopefully go farther than we were able to.

But realize that giving the answers alone is not enough to help you move forward in life. If you catch on that a magician draws your attention to his right hand to hide the object in his left, all he has to do is draw your attention to the left hand to bring back the illusion again.

If we are satisfied to simply learning the answers those who came before us have discovered, we will be stuck as a world, unable to move forward, and potentially sliding backwards. We learn through the trials of discovery even more than through the discovery of answers.

To KNOW how a trick is done, and to be able to UNDERSTAND how a trick works are two very different things. In the same way, the ability to KNOW what those before us have discovered throughout their lives, and to be able to UNDERSTAND how they got there and why they think that way are two very different things that hold an important distinction.

If you spend your life thinking that “Being smart” is simply being able to catch up with the information that those who came before us learned, you misunderstand the purpose of knowledge. We learn what was discovered before us, not so that we will be able to live our lives without thinking ourselves, but instead so that we have a head start allowing us to move farther ahead than we could have without.

Remember, those who came before us did not know everything, and you do not know everything as well! Reality is vast and our perceptions of it so small. Don’t rely solely on what others have accomplished to find your path forward. You have the ability to observe yourself! Use that ability to observe the world around you and start to uncloud the parts of the world we have yet to discover!


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