Facing Trials

There are three ways we get past the trials and obstacles that come up in our life.

The first is the situation changes. Maybe you went through a season. Maybe the thing that was blocking you has moved on or become less of a problem. Maybe you just got lucky. This is the result we want 90% of the time when we face problems. However it is also the rarest and one we have the least control over. Realize some problems only come for a season, but never plan on it.

The second is our approach changes. Maybe you need to approach the problem from a different angle. Perhaps you just need more training or practice. Perhaps you just need to swallow your pride and give it your all. This is the method we have the most control over, and a lot of people believe it is the fix all to all problems. Never stop innovating, but also don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work for you. There are some walls you cannot climb through effort alone.

The third and final option is that we change. No I don’t mean “I’ve decided to swallow my pride.” or “I was just giving it 80% of my focus, but now I’ll give it 100%!” no. I mean the change that comes only through trials. The change that forces us to seriously reevaluate ourselves and question what it is we’re standing for. The change that gives us wisdom and builds up our strength. This change is slow… and others cannot see it. Because of this, many people often question your actions saying things like “Why would doing the same thing help? Nothing has changed! Just give up!” But that’s because they cannot see that something HAS changed. YOU have changed.

Life has trials. Especially these days. Don’t give up, but don’t just wait for things to go your way either. Strive to grow, and realize that you are growing through all things! Best of luck!


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