You Are What Frustrates You

Originally Posted February 10 2016

One of the most frustrating pieces of advice I’ve ever been told (because it’s unfortunately very true) was that if you look at the people in this world who REALLY urk you… I don’t mean make you angry or upset because they’re killing children or drowning puppies, but the people who you just can’t stand being around because their very existence offends your being… Majority of the time the thing that urks you most about them is usually a large problem YOU also have but are blind to. And it’s horrible because I catch myself on it so many times! It may be a different subject matter (Jehovah’s witness vs Christian, sports vs video games and arts, working vs studying, etc) but the actions or feelings we are dealing with are the same.

It’s a horrible thing to realize but important for 2 reasons. First off is so you learn to humble yourself and be less harsh on those around you. But equally or possibly even more importantly is so that you learn to get over yourself and work on those problems you didn’t realize you had so you yourself can be a better person! Others, you can’t control, but you? With God’s help you’ve got a chance!


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