World Frustrations

Originally Posted January 19 2016

Things I find frustrating about the world:

We have the ability to say things to anyone in any country in the world but more desire to talk than to listen

We have the technology to do amazing things but creativity is destroyed by fear of doing anything new when the old stuff sells just as well

We have access to more information than you could ever read, but no desire to learn

We shame failure and condemn success

What we call a temper tantrum in a child is called leadership in an adult

We believe thinking is about memorization not application

We believe in fighting against something instead of fighting for something

We believe if we put off having opinion we won’t have an opinion

We believe the answer is more freedom and less responsibility

We live in a world with so much noise that one must learn to ignore majority of what is around us

We live in a world where people are too scared of losing what they could have that they will lose all they do have


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