Why Anger?

Originally Posted September 26 2016

Why DOES one feel anger?

When I was younger, I thought anger was something you felt out of hate towards people who do wrong by your eyes…. However now a days I am not so sure…

I have had the opportunity to meet many people who do evil in life. Those who lie, those who steal, those who rape, those who torture, those who abuse, those who manipulate….

When I was younger and scared, I felt anger and bitterness at them. I felt passion of destruction welling up as I thought about them… But as I fought, and survived, and grew… That started to change. It grew harder and rarer to get truly angry at people… Instead all you felt was pity… Pity of those who try to manipulate you so obviously… Pity for those who try to hide weakness behind fear…. Pity for those who have become a slave to their lusts and passions…

When I think of those who I do get truly mad at now a days… There is usually at least one every two or three years… They are rarely the most evil… The most despicable… Or even the most dangerous…. But they are often the ones who get away with it. The ones I can’t show what they’re doing. The ones those around me remain arrogantly blind to… Those are the ones who tend to make me lose my cool… But why?

Perhaps the trick to anger, is that it never was the other person we were getting angry at…. Perhaps the trick to anger is that it’s our own inability to fix a situation that we take out at others… Perhaps all those people who react out of anger are taking it out on the wrong person…. Because as much as we may justify it… Or idolize it…. The truth is, the one we were always angry at to begin with was our own weakness.

Maybe it doesn’t change anything…. Maybe it doesn’t really even matter…. But maybe… Just maybe that passion we feel was meant to be directed somewhere else…. Maybe it was never meant to cut down those against us… But instead to drive us to shape ourselves better. Who knows really?


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