What Gen Y Needs

Originally Posted May 10 2016

I get asked a lot what Gen Y needs to get by. It’s no secret, though a bit of an elephant in the room.

Unemployment/underemployment/going back to school for lack of employment is around 77% of our generation, the amount of student debt is skyrocketing while value of degrees are plummeting, common law has so flooded out marriage that it has caused the divorce rate to actually go down, anxiety and depression both have skyrocketed to ridiculous levels, and more. There really is no secret that our generation is the doomed generation that has well earned the post apocalyptic future dream that has knocked out the days of hope in the past.

So what is the answer?

“We need jobs!” seems like an answer… until you realize that by posting more jobs we simply lower the treatment of employees. Sure companies hire twice as many people, but give those people a third of the hours. No benefits, no hope, nothing can be found from employment like that.

So is it money then? Should we cancel out student debts? Raise the minimum wage? Create cheaper housing? Again… that would be nice. The average amount needed to live a VERY tight budgeted life right now is about $35000 a year… the average Gen Y employee working 2 or 3 jobs might be able to pull off $23000… Things like rent are simply throwing money down the drain but the downpayment of houses is far too much for most people to save up… But is money simply the answer? No I think it runs deeper than that….

There are a lot of things that COULD help the situation (personally I’d feel encouraged if for one if people stopped calling us Millennials… it was a typo that started it and it doesn’t even make sense! Millennials are the generation after us as they were born the new Millennium. We’re gen Y because we come after gen X!) but all these things are simply just applying cream to the wound… not stopping the source of the problem.

If I was to ask for one thing that Gen Y’s need right now… that maybe this whole world needs… that I know I need… it would be “Hope”

We are a generation without hope… What do we honestly have to look forward to? What can we turn to to rely on? What are we even working towards?

Do we want a future where we can get married, raise a family, live financially secured? What hope is there!? Very few will ever make enough to go that far in life. As the older generations cling onto their old jobs and punch and stab each other to try and add another penny to their paycheque… is there any way we can shoulder our way into that horror show?

Is it relationships we want? That in itself has become a source of anxiety in itself. We were raised in a world where the messiness of relationships falling apart was not only a fact of life but considered to be inevitable. The statistics of marriages staying together for life is so low that it seems almost like mythology, and it’s not the legality that makes the marriage falling apart messy… it’s that there are two people who had that bond together that are now tearing themselves apart…. such a division is NOT a clean cut. Growing up watching that happen time and time again, how can anyone have the courage to say “I will be strong enough to not put someone else through that pain?” but at the same time… the pain of being alone is far too great to ignore… so we close our eyes… we have light hearted relationships without commitment… we tell ourselves when they fall apart “It hurts… but the pain if I had ACTUALLY committed would have been far worse!” to hide the fact that it still hurts like mad.

Do we wait for the government to save us? or the law? Hah! What hope is there in that?? We grew up hearing those names scraped through the mud all our lives. “Whoever is in charge is a tyrant. whoever makes laws is unjust. Everything is meant to abuse us. You can’t trust the cops, the law, the government because they’re all out to destroy us….” So we keep flipping… we chase after whoever isn’t in power thinking that maybe THEY will save us only to be let down again. People fear the law… they hate the injustice they claim to exist…. they feel they have no one to trust but themselves… Government turns to anarchy, law to vigilante, justice to vengeance. There is no hope to be found in such a place. Where double talk between countries, betrayal, false faces, fear, mistrust, abuse of power, propaganda, fear mongering, and more exists.

Do we continue to trust in ourselves? It’s what we’ve been taught to do…. “Only you can control your destiny! Don’t rely on others when you can do it yourself! You have the power to be whatever you want to be! Everything anyone does is firstmost motivated by what is in it for them! That is all humans can do.” But…. that is the least reliable thing we can rely on…. We are human…. we are weak… can anyone deny that? Honestly? We let ourselves down all the time…. “I’m not strong enough…. I’m not smart enough… I’m not brave enough… I’m not attractive enough…. I’m not popular enough….” So we put on masks… we try to be who we are not…. We throw away any belief that we were made to be who we were for a reason and decide that we need to pretend to be who we think would be strong enough to handle this….. But we can’t… because that’s not who we are…. you think you can keep up the charade long enough to weather the storm… but the storm never ends… in fact it just grows stronger…. there is no hope for someone who relies on themselves…. only the anxiety and denial of how pathetic you feel when you realize how little you can accomplish




Is there none to be found? Is there really nothing we can grasp onto? Nothing we can work towards? Nothing that can keep us moving forward? Is life really such a meaningless torture which we have no control over where we’re forced to sit down and just be destroyed day after day without any chance to escape?

….but there is hope….

….there is purpose…

….this is not all there is….

….it could never be….

And so I give the most unpopular answer… the answer we have spent our whole lives being told is insanity! Primitive thinking! Cruelty! Holding back our world! What lunatics would say! What anyone with half a brain would realize could never be!

I say it not because of desperation… not because of insanity… not because of weakness… no… I say it because of truth… and because I refuse to be too weak to admit what needs to be said any longer!




There is God. God exists. God is real. If there was no God there would be no hope. No purpose. No reason to live! The fact that the generation who had his existence taken out of their lives the most is the generation that struggles the most with hopelessness proves this!

We have fallen not because we are weak. But because we refuse to turn to He who made us strong!

We are not living for fame

We are not living for riches

We are not living for power

We are living because God made us! Because God loves us! Because God made this world! Because God made us! Because God has a plan for us! Because God sent His son to die for us!

Without God, nothing with change. But with God, Everything is different!

Our purpose is not what we think it is!

What is of value is not what we think it is!

Weakness is not what we think it is!

Power is not what we think it is!

You have strength! The strength to say that you are weak! The strength to turn to the one who will make you strong! The strength to rely on the one thing we feel too scared to do! Why are we so scared? Why do such weak arguments as “You’d be foolish to believe it!” ring so true?

Because it is a scary jump! Because if you turn to God, nothing will ever be the same again!

Life with God doesn’t destroy all that stands in our way. As I said… I struggle with hope too… I have trouble seeing a way out…. but I have faith… faith that has seen me through… strength that makes me want to live another day…. strength that makes me realize there is still things left to see in life… because no matter what happens… no matter how weak I am… no matter how many walls I hit… no matter how dark the path ahead seems… no matter how much I feel like I serve no purpose…. God is not done with me yet!

I have seen how little I can do… God… let me see how much you can do through me



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