We do not EARN our Value

Originally Posted March 24 2016

“As human beings there are some people whose lives are valuable and some who are the scum of the earth. There is an attribute which defines what our value on this planet is worth and we should spend our lives attempting to raise that value lest we simply be tossed away.”

This is not a lie brought to us by religious politicians, evolutionist fascists, or even the ever elusive “Oppressive societal standards”. What it is instead is a flaw in our design which we have held from the dawn of time.

Be it the politician tearing down their opponent, the government demonizing their enemies, the businessman beating others off the corporate ladder, the pious man celebrating how much better he is than the infidels around him, the biologist searching for the next stage of evolution, or the young couple eating forbidden fruit in the garden, all humans have been cursed from day one with the desire to be greater than we are.

Even those who deny this desire and spend their days telling those they see acting it out for doing such disgraceful acts. Are they not simply believing themselves to be greater than those they consider to be doing wrong? Where does it end? Is it even possible as humans to live without such ambitions?

I am not sure if the desire will ever die, or if it is possible to no longer falter in such an intricate part of who we are, but I believe that the first step towards fighting it comes from acceptance. And no, I do not mean ‘acceptance’ in the light of “Oh let us celebrate what everyone does for they are living life as they see right!” No…. In order for reality to exist, right and wrong must also exist, otherwise nothing in itself can exist. Our existence is either meaningless in which case, perhaps it matters not what we do in life as all we hurt is our valueless selves, or meaningful, in which case there are true consequences for our actions and careful thought must be taken to avoid causing trouble.

So what is the acceptance I am talking about? Simply the acceptance that we are in fact weak and clueless… No not meaningless, as that would lead to the problems mentioned before, but weak to the point that this life and our value is far too much to be carried on our own shoulders alone.

See your life has a value… A very great value in fact. I do not care what people say, no one in this world has the ‘right’ to cast you off and destroy you, not even yourself. But there is a God who made us, cares for us, and even sent His son to die for us. In that we have a value beyond measure.

We are important for we are invaluable to the one who is invaluable to us. It is not about what we do, what talents we bring, what we can and cannot do. We were made by the one who knows all things.

“So what? My value is entirely devoted to being made by some unknown entity who I may or may not believe in? Where is the comfort in that?! That just means He is great and I’m worthless doesn’t it??”

No… That is not the way it is at all… God is the one whose plans are so intricately designed to make every tiny thing have a purpose. Each life on this planet serves a purpose though not each life serves the same purpose. We are so designed as human beings as to not be able to survive without the input and interactions of others in our lives. Each life we touch be it helping them through life trials or simply how we act buying something that day has direct effect on their life which in turn directly affects the lives of everyone else they meet after.

There is no such thing as a meaningless life. God gave us free will. The ability to be given the right way to live our lives and wrong way to live our lives yet choose which path we want. Are all our choices equally valuable? No… But our value doesn’t come from our choices but from the God who created us. It is this way that He is able to love us in spite of if we hurt or help Him.

Even those who chase after Him will mess up! Choosing to follow God does not change your life. It changes how your life is viewed and how you take it on.

I am still me. I am still easily angered, I am still lazy, I have two modes. Impulsive enough to do anything, or too paralyzed by the amount of things one choice will affect to be able to do anything. I have all these faults and more in spite of following God so yes… I mess up… More often than not. I do not tell people “Get up and do ___!” Because I feel I am better than those around me and thus able to give them wisdom. I do it because I feel those around me are smart and brave enough to avoid the stupid mistakes I have already made. It is possible to challenge what those around you stand for because of the great respect you have for them, possibly even more than they hold for themselves, not because of hatred and bigotry.

You were created and are Loved by God who made you, raised you, protects you, and sent His son to die for you. You are created by the greatest being in existence. You are an intricate part of the greatest plan to ever exist. You have a major impact on the lives of every life you pass by. You are a one of a kind individual who can do things and see things only you can. Your value is great even though you are weak for your value is not what you can do in your own strength but for how much Christ has done for and through you.


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