Using the Sword of Truth

Originally Posted February 21 2016

Anyone who has known me long enough knows I have a slight obsession with ancient weapons and martial combat… ESPECIALLY when it comes to swords!

However, because of this, it really makes me think when I read in the bible how the word of God is a sword sharper than any two edged sword…

See, here’s the thing. A lot of people read that and think “HEY! The Bible is powerful! Let’s throw around verses when we need it just like picking up a blade to fight off a bad guy!” But this kind of thinking overlooks one VERY important detail about sword fighting… No one can just ‘Pick up a sword and beat the bad guy’… At least not without a heap load of dumb luck!

Swords are heavy and clumsy. You can’t hold them too loosely nor too tightly. If you simply swing one around randomly you’ll be so full of openings and tire yourself out so quickly that it won’t be too hard to overpower you… Provided you don’t lob off your own arm first…

To make any use of the sword you must practice daily. You must study it, care for it, use it to the point that it is not a tool to hide behind, but an extension of your body you can move forward with. Picking up a sword will not save you, practicing during your times of peace is what will.

In the same way with the Bible, don’t think that you can just turn to it when you need it. Doing so is dangerous and foolhardy. If you want the Bible to have any benefit to your life you need to read it daily, pray about it, study it, learn the context that it was written in. You must understand it’s context and subtext so deeply that it no longer becomes words to hide your arguments behind, but wisdom that guides your path forward.

The way of the sword is difficult to master. But most things worthwhile in life are.


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