Turning 26

Originally Posted February 16 2017

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

And… so I’m 26!……. 25 was a bit of a rough year… not as bad as 22 was, (hopefully nothing will match that one for a while yet) but still pretty rough in a lot of ways. But through struggles, comes realizations and even growth. Sometimes life’s struggles are to beat us down, but sometimes the ride gets rough as we switch from one track to the next, and I’m hoping the latter took place.

There have been a lot of great lessons this past year that I’ve struggled with (and still do to some extent) for quite a while. Learning to turn to others for help instead of trying to carry everything yourself, Learning to not get discouraged by those who tell you to give up, or how you’ll most likely fail… But the most important lesson that I’ve learned is probably… not to aim low.

For far too long I’ve decided to be easily pleased in life… I figured if I aimed a little lower than where I was at in, and allowed myself to be easily content, that I would have a smooth life ahead. I was Shikamaru! (If you know who that is, you get bonus friend points)

Only get into conversations that you know you can sound smart in. Take the beginner’s route through your career while your knowledge is more advanced, keep your head down and don’t ask questions, aim for a simple life, making just enough to get by, with an average family, in an average house, in an average town, etc.

I mean logically it makes sense, I mean, you can win almost any game by grinding out your character up front and then facing the main game overlevelled…. but life is rarely so simple.

Two things I have come to discover.

1: If you aim low you are going to most likely fail…. Yep… this is truth…. Things I would have been fairly decent at 5-10 years ago, I now am horrible at. It’s not like a refresher course… As you grow you start to get off the rails more and more, getting back on them is hard. There are things you aren’t supposed to question that you do. Things that are meant to make life easier for you that trip you up. In a sense, it’s more advanced than it should be!

2. It’s a very unfulfilling way to live… You think that humans desire winning above all else… but this actually isn’t the case. What we desire is overcoming challenges. We need to push ourselves. We need to grow. This desire is so engrained within us, that simply living on autopilot is depressing! Would I have accomplished all that I had aimed for, would I be happy? No, probably not… I’d probably feel trapped and frustrated. In fact, looking back, I realize many times I was my own worse enemy, as I refused to do things the easy way when that was all people wanted from me.

And so now, I want to push myself in life. I want to see how much God can accomplish through me. To be bold in what I pray for. To see just how far I can go within this crazy world!

So here we are at 26… there is still a long uphill road ahead of me, and to tell you honestly I have no idea where it leads…. But I like to think I’m getting closer to the right path. So even though walls still surround me, here’s to the light that lays at the end. Someone woke the dragon, let’s see what it can accomplish!


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