To My Non Christian Friends

Originally Posted December 19 2016

I see all my non Christian friends, and you know, to an extent I get it?

I get why Christianity seems creepy, or scary, or controlling, or stupid. I get the justification that comes from looking at all the creepy people claiming to be Christian just for the money, power, or more, and all the mindless sheep that follow them blindly. I get how creepy it is to see children being “inaugerated into this group” and “being taught to do the same to other children”. I get why it makes no sense to feel like you should feel guilty for chasing love, sex, excitement, drunkeness, getting high, etc. I get why it seems like you could never be strong enough to be a Christian. Afterall… “giving up all these pleasures to believe in some invisible God that may or may not exist? Christians must be some strange type of mental disorder!” I get why people such as Stephen Hawkings, Bill Nye, and “Cosmos man whose name escapes me as it’s 5AM” seem so convincing with their arguments “CHRISTIANITY IS WRONG BECAUSE YOU’D HAVE TO BE AN IDIOT TO BELIEVE IT!” I get why you want freedom and autonomy. I get why the idea of being a servant seems so unpleasant. I get why you so easily mock, ridicule, and look down on this belief and then proceed to scold those who complain that you are doing so. I understand why you think Christianity is a majority religion, and why that majority you think are Christian are so useful for strengthening your argument that there’s no point to the religion. I see tons of misconceptions as to what Christianity is and isn’t all through the media and school system… and I fully understand why believing this would create such a negative view of Christians. I get why being witnessed to is awkward. I get why creating events just so you can be preached at seems underhanded. I get why having to sit through sermons you don’t care about during funerals or weddings of people you DO care about seems unfair…

I think it’s really easy, especially for those who grew up in the church or out of it, to forget that we are all human… and to create such an “us vs them” mentality. So I just wanted to say right here and now… I do understand where you’re coming from 90% of the arguments I hear. But even still, it goes much deeper than that.

Christians are not better people. We are not saints or angels. We can’t look down our noses at you because know what? We ARE you! All a Christian is is someone who made the choice to accept a rescue because we knew we couldn’t do it on our own. This must be understood first off.

Even still. Christianity is not JUST about some eternal salvation. If that were the case, why not just enjoy life now and then pray the salvation prayer on your death bed? We do not avoid sin because we try to earn our salvation, because what human could ever earn such a thing? We do it, because God made us. God knows what we were made for. And when God says “Do this, not this” It’s not some test to see if we really trust Him. It’s because it’s how we were designed and living as we were designed helps avoid a slew of problems we can’t even see yet.

There is much more I would want to say if I had more time. About how sin is more repulsive because how much we love it not because of how much we hate it. About what Christians truly believe. About What we really stand for. Etc. But for now this has to do.

To my Christian friends, let this be a challenge. Don’t just live as if you were talking to yourself. View this world from the viewpoint of who you’re talking to. It doesn’t mean you agree with them, but it does mean you’ll understand them more and as such be more likely to help.

To my non Christian friends. Please don’t feel I judge you harshly or look down on any of you. Yeesh, I wasn’t a Christian myself for a long time. In fact I was far worse than any could claim to be most likely. I don’t toss away your feelings or opinions as useless. But nor do I just ignore such questions as they seem inconvenient. Afterall, if my faith was based on questions I ignored, what faith would I have?

You are all awesome, you are all loved, you are all my friends


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