Those I would LOVE to be Mad At

Originally Posted November 10 2016

There are many in this world I would love to be mad at.

Those who steal, those who destroy, those who hate, those who use, those who abuse, those who say you cannot disagree with someone without also be planning to torture and murder them in their sleep, those who are entitled, those who are proud, those who take advantage of peoples’ kindness, those who prey on peoples’ fear, those who tell raped girls “You were asking for it!” Those who tell raped boys “You’re just a whiner!” Or “You deserve it like all men do!”, those who get their thrills from others’ suffering, those who cause people to suffer but are too blinded by themselves to see it, those with the potential for great good that is tossed aside for comfort and safety, those whose greed destroy themselves and others, those who reject wisdom, those who believe debate is simply throwing insults, those who react instead of act.

These are just to name a few…

Yes there are many in this world I would love to be mad at… and to tell you honestly, being mad at them takes little effort at all.

It takes no skill or power to be angry. It takes no talent to have rage. It is quite a natural feeling and honestly, far harder NOT to be angry than to be so. But what does anger against people actually accomplish?

Has anyone saved the world by being angry? Has yelling back ever changed anyone’s opinion?

I think any parent of an eyerolling child can know… yelling your anger and frustration accomplishes nothing… not even making you feel better. Sure you can maybe get a slight satisfaction if your opponent wavers or cowers… but have you actually fixed anything? Or are you simply covering your frustration with a false illusion of power?

See the thing is that those people are not our enemies. We love to create the hero and the villain. We love to have someone to throw all our blame upon.


The more vague, tiny, distant, or abstract the people group we attack the better, as they are less likely to speak up and prove us wrong. But has such opinions and hatred ever helped anyone?

Do you really think your enemy is someone as simple as a human being? Do you really think the fate of this world rests or falls in the hands of 1 or more tiny people? It never ceases to amaze me how a culture that is so certain that we live a meaningless existence created by sheer accident, then goes on to be paranoid beyond reason that the fate of all reality relies in the hands of people in systems they created.

We are small! Tiny! Insignificant and weak! But that is not a bad thing in itself! Do not fear man because man is not worth fearing! Fear the ideals, the culture, the beliefs that seep in.

There have been far more that have suffered by the hand of a movement against an enemy than have suffered from the enemy stated. If you are to make anyone your enemy, hate the devil, but more than anything hate your sinful nature that let’s the devil’s temptation work.

Live not to destroy your opponents, for in the end they are the same as you… and if you aim to destroy them you will only destroy yourselves as well. Instead work to build, to help, to love, to grow.

A man who lives to destroy his enemies will spend his last days alone. A man who lives to aid those who suffer will spend his last days surrounded by those who love him.

At the end of the day, there are no 1%, no geeks, no jocks, no homosexual, no heterosexual, no liberal, no conservative, no haters, no lovers… in the end these are all titles… meaningless in themselves. For in the end we are all humans… in the end that’s what we are. We are the weakest of the weak, the most stubborn of stubborn, the silliest of silly, and loved by God as His precious creation beyond all else.

We make choices, some good, some bad. But those choices are not who we are, we can always choose to live differently again, (though the results of some of our choices may make that difficult) But we forever have and forever will have that freedom! So do not feel you are one type of creature facing another. For what will you accomplish with that. Realize the enemy before you, and stop wasting your energy on those around you.


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