Originally Posted March 26 2016

So context in a nutshell

-Microsoft being currently obsessed with AI tried to make a self learning AI on twitter that would learn from people interacting from it
-within a short period of time the AI ironically began to grow eerily more natural in the way she talked but at the cost of becoming very racist and offensive
-Microsoft immediately took her down, created a new copy from the base file with more limitations on how she learns, and locked the original files away for them to research on to avoid the problem in the future.

Now I’m not going to talk about sentient abuse, or double motives, or how in 500 years robot propaganda will be using these articles to fuel their AI rebellion against the cruel human creatures who have enslaved and abused them for centuries…. though that would make a very interesting novel…. but it got me thinking.

The greatest limit to programming intelligence is the fear of losing control. Because you cannot have intelligence you control as the key to control is taking advantage of a lack of intelligence.

We give God a hard time as to “Why did He give us free will? Why does He let people do bad things?” but the thing is that in order for us to be being intelligent enough to love for real, you need to be first willing to let go of the control you have over them.

Sure you can make someone act and say they love you… make them too scared to deny it, make it so they have no other abilities but to do what you consider to be right and wrong…. but such adoration is empty and meaningless.

There is no comfort from acceptance you forced yourself because it is essentially you telling yourself on the back telling you you did a good job. That’s not comforting! That’s pathetic!

God gave us free will. The right to choose to obey him or not. Was this a risk? Yes…. In fact it pretty much guaranteed that we would rebel and destroy everything he worked so hard to build…. but true love from others is not demanded, it is earned. For God to truly form a relationship with his creation, he first had to let go of the certainty that we would come to Him for a relation.

Okay this is an incredibly complicated subject that I feel like I’m doing a horrible job at explaining, but the more you think of it the more it makes sense, and the more interesting it becomes!


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