Puzzle of Life

Originally Posted December 11 2016

You know, the more I think about this world, the more I realize it is like a puzzle. It takes very little intelligence to know the answer to a puzzle… yet huge amounts to discover said answer. In the same way with this world…. so much does not make sense…. but as you figure parts of it out it seems so obvious that how could it be anything else?

I think it’s important to remember… yet easy to forget. Some things seem so obvious, you wonder how people could struggle to see something lying right behind their eyes… but as simple as the answer appears, you can’t forget the struggles you took to arrive there. After all, what is wisdom? Is it gifted levels of knowledge? Not really… it’s just having discovered the answers to enough puzzles that you are no longer blinded by the infinite possibilities.

It seems almost cheating at times when the trick is revealed and you realized how long you studied over something so simple. :p But I guess that’s what keeps life interesting is it not?


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