Pride the Ultimate Poison

Originally Posted June 29 2016

Beware of Pride the ultimate poison.

If you want to catch a liar, what do you use? Pride. Make him feel he’s getting away with it, let his confidence grow, or hit him in areas he is most proud of. Pride is always the area where the greatest chinks in armor lie.

How does a great man fall? By being told he is great for too long. Once he begins to believe it, that he knows all there is to know, or that he is someone people look up to, he becomes blind to his own faults causing them to grow at a rapid rate.

Knowledge is a powerful tool, but partial knowledge is deadly. A person who gets caught in his folly is in trouble, but there is greater pain in store for the person who gets away by dumb luck. To get away with a half thought out idea is a greater punishment than to be caught in your actions. The more you get away with something the more you feel you can push those boundaries. When your actions finally do catch up with you, all those times you got away with it comes down on you like a hammer.

Do not say “It is easier to apologize than to ask” do not feel “It’s easier to apologize than admit there is a threat.” Do not live with the expectation of getting away without being caught for your actions. When they finally do catch up with you you will hate your past self for not taking the minor discomfort and leaving you to deal with the massive clean up.

So how should one live? How do we live with confidence but not pride? Good question! 😛

Personally I would say it comes from realizing you were made for an important purpose. That you are full of potential and CAN accomplish great things in even the smallest of actions… but at the same time always maintaining that perspective that you are small… very small.. broken… and needing to constantly strive to improve.

Chase after God. Not Glory. Seek Improvement. Not Apathy. Realize that a huge part of accepting yourself and this world is never giving up on the potential you were made to be!


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