Out of Our Control

Originally Posted March 20 2016

Isn’t it frustrating and hard when there are things in life which are outside of your control? But then again the real question you should ask is when has anything truly been within your control? We think we have control of our lives as we move one pebble from one side to the other, completely unaware that God stands outside holding off the landslide of things, each one of which could turn our whole life upside down.

God does not run a business. There is a strong belief that God runs this world like one, giving his instructions to church leaders who then pass on his tasks to church members who must fulfil these tasks lest their lives or the world fall to pieces.

God is much more like your Grandfather teaching you how to fish. He baits the rod showing you how it is done, casts the line, then as he gets a bite asks with a smile “Do you want to try and reel it in?”

God is not relying on us to save this world, He is including us as He does. It is not in our hands or our responsibility to control and lead, it is our responsibility to trust and follow Him.

To take the world or even your life upon your shoulders is to drown yourself in stress you were never meant to carry. God has you, even if you cannot comprehend His plan. Trust and follow where He leads. You’ll be amazed at what lies ahead


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