Old and New Testament

Originally Posted May 23 2016

I find it interesting how in the bible the old testament is almost entirely devoted to saying “What they did” and “What to do.” This creates a very long book which can actually be pretty confusing on its own… “Obey God. Follow these rules. These people did all this stuff. Some of it was good, some not so good but we won’t tell you every time there is a difference.”

The new testament on the other hand is like the opposite. We have instead a book devoted almost entirely to WHY we do the things we do, with very little information as to what was happening at the time. Because of this we have a much shorter book which tends to lead a much heavier impact on peoples’ lives.

But then there is a third method I don’t see people using very often. And that is using the New Testament almost like a key to unlocking the depth that lies within the old testament. To realize from the new testament how we serve a God that loves us. Who wants what’s best for us. How it is our heart more than our actions that hit him as we are not perfect people and do mess up… You then get left with a very long book of God trying to explain to people “DON’T DO THIS! YOU ARE MADE FOR MORE THAN THIS!” But those people just not getting it through their heads.


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