Observing is NOT Understanding

Originally Posted October 5 2016

There is a strange acceptance in this world that the ability for something to exist is entirely related to ones’ ability to comprehend it. That until we are able to explain something in a way that a child can understand, there is no way it can be true.

That being said, there is benefit I believe in realizing and accepting the fact that… you are human… and as such there is a limit to what you know.

I am not saying this to say that we should live blindly led by others… but because this world begins to make a lot more sense when you fully accept that there are things in it you do not understand and even the things you do understand you do not necessarily “KNOW” to be true.

The existence of reality is in no way tied to your ability to believe or comprehend it. Things are true because they are true whether you believe them or not. One can continue getting hung up on this fact, or they can accept it and realize they are witnesses in this world, not controllers of this world. And to tell you honestly, the world is far more interesting this way anyways


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