Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain

Originally Posted July 11 2016

To believe in God if there is no god changes nothing in life….

no matter who you believe in, no matter what you believe in… none of your choices really matter… we are but a speck on an ever cycling spiral of human nature… everything we’ve done has been done before… everything we think has been thought before… Sure those who believe in gods will have wasted their lives chasing after morals and ideals impossible by human nature in a desperate coping mechanism to ignore the futility and difficulties of life… but at least you usually have a mostly positive impact on the world when you do that so it kind of evens out….

To believe in God if there IS a God changes everything in life…

If there IS a God, there must also NOT be other gods… a God who says believe Him but no other gods is either a selfish jerk if there are gods other than himself (in which case how could he be good?) or is a raving lunatic if he denies the existence of other gods which are simply a new interpretation of himself (in which case why would you follow him??)

One correlation within every religion is that they believe themselves to be right, which in turn means others must be wrong. Yes even the religion that says every religion is right is saying that every religion is wrong because how can religions that say other religions are wrong be right if everyone is right?? It doesn’t work! So in order for a god to be the TRUE God, it logically would mean the other religions’ views of god would be wrong.

If there is a God then our lives suddenly have purpose.

If God created us, then that means that we are more than some freak accident having to bear the burden of sentience due to some cosmic oops. To accept that we serve purpose is to accept that we cannot simply live our lives on auto pilot. Your choices matter! Your existence matters! The way you were created matters!

You may say “I have things about me that make no sense. What possible reason would a God have for creating people with these disabilities or inadequacies?”

You are not the creator! I could argue all I like about Leonardo using so much brown on the Mona Lisa when I would prefer there to be more colour, but no amount of my whining and inability to understand would lessen the beauty and fame of his painting. God created you for a reason. He created you the way you are for a reason. Yes there are disadvantages we put on ourselves by turning away from Him, but even those He can use for His purposes. He is God. He is all knowing. He is all powerful. He is good. He is the one who made you. Accept there is a reason. Accept you have value. Accept you have something worth living for!

If there is a God than humanity’s stupidity is far less frightening.

This world is scary…. We have idiots in leadership positions… We have wrecks as idols… We have those who would control us in front of the scenes through causing terror… We have those who would control us behind the scenes through chess like actions and double talk… we have an economy collapsing… we have people turning upon themselves… we have chaos, anarchy, hatred, bitterness, lust, greed, rage, pollution, politics, wars, weapons of mass destruction, all sorts of things that want to destroy everything we know and love about this world…. But even though there is so much that is bigger than us… there is a God who is bigger than them…

The God who lets nations rise and nations fall. The God who is in control throughout all things. The God who does all things for His purpose. Though we may stumble, though we may fall, though we may walk near the fire, God is with us, and God can carry us through. If there is a God than what do we have to fear from mankind? Even though they may look like evil has won, they have lost this war before it began.

If there is a God than morals serve purpose.

What are morals? Sociology always put it as cultural norms that we are conditioned to follow but quite frankly that does not make sense….

All of humanity is attentive to three distinct voices whether they distinguish them or not…. the loud voice that tells them what they want to do… “Check out that hot chick! It’s okay to speed here! Take two, who will care?” The quiet voice which tells us what we SHOULD do…. “You are better than this… they deserve better than this… that feels wrong… This isn’t the way you should head…” and finally the voice of our will which decides which of these voices to follow…

So why do I find morals being a construct of society hard to believe?? Because quite frankly that quiet voice has no right to be there…. It’s easy to ignore, and the more you ignore it the quieter it gets. For over 7000 years now we have seen society after society ignore that voice more and more until they were at last beaten out. How can this be a construct of society when society itself repetitively rids itself of it?

So if there is a God… then what?…. Well then that quiet voice is suddenly far more important…. you see if the God of Christianity is true…. then God gave us the most dangerous and most loving thing He could possibly give us…. the ability of choice… to choose to follow Him, or to choose to not… and if you choose not to follow Him…. the scariest part is that He lets you…. you will face the consequences of your actions most likely even if it is a 1/100 chance…. to tell you honestly it is far scarier when you get away with it… but if God is real… and He is a God who cares for us and wants us safe… than those morals are far more than just arbitrary rules placed to make life difficult… they are rules placed for your safety.

There are a lot more but it is late…. The main thing I want to say is this again…. There are many these days who demand that God cannot be real… or worse the half thought out idea that any religion can give you the same thing, which is ultimately saying no religion is real, save for the emotional comfort it gives, without thinking about it… But the thing is… if God were not real then why would you care about it so much?

For God to not be real in this world, nothing will change whether you follow Him or not…. but for God TO be real… EVERYTHING will change whether you follow Him or not


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