Originally Posted May 5 2016

Morals are an interesting thing.

As humans we have instincts. Carnal desires which drive our actions based on our feelings and desires alone. Many scientists talk about these instincts and many scholars these days state that all of our actions are based on these actions, and all essentially boil down to “What’s in it for me?”

But this is where morals are weird… See morals aren’t bound to out instincts… In fact, most of the time they go straight up against them. To live with morals is to fight the very person you are for the purpose of what is the right thing to do. Though some would argue that this is done for a sense of self righteousness or sake of feeling good about what one does… I get the feeling people who hold such theories are not very moral people to begin with…. Because living by morals doesn’t always feel good… It doesn’t always feel worth it… In fact, most days, watching your friends seeming to have more fun, seeming to go farther in life, seeming to avoid any consequences for their actions makes you feel horrible and frustrated for going down this path.

So why are morals a thing then? Well to understand morals, and why people live for them in spite of the lack of self gain for themselves, we need to first understand something.

Morals are bigger than just ourselves!

It’s not about what WE gain or what WE feel. It is about doing what is right because right or wrong do exist and there is a reason that we should do what is right!

Such theories go very counter to the self preservation, there is nothing beyond us, culture we have created which is probably why for the last 7000 years, morals have always been the first thing hit by “cultural progression”… Usually in the exact same ways and order as well…

To think about morals is to realize that there is something beyond ourselves which influences our actions. To realize that is to realize that we are not all there is in life to live for.


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