Messed up Broken People

Originally Posted June 20 2016

God uses messed up broken people.

I am not perfect…. Yes I know that is pretty obvious… I have a temper, I can be kind of lazy, I’m terrified of doctors, medicine, crowded rooms, and phone calls, I’m often too fast to say what I shouldn’t say and too slow to say what I shouldn’t, I use hyperbole, I hate criticism, I cannot work within a system or turn off my brain enough to simply shut up and follow instructions, I am too devoted to spending my time doing things that have impact in others’ lives and not enough in looking for things that look after mine, emotions that should be shown I have trouble showing, emotions that don’t matter show to easily, I am eloquent and wordy in writing, and silent and awkward in speech.

The list goes on… I have faults… More faults than I can count… In fact I am probably far more familiar with my faults than I am my good parts…

But focusing too much on faults causes us to stop… To become fearful… To feel we cannot accomplish anything or be of any use until these faults are dealt with. It is too easy to bog yourself down with how much you can’t do when you forget the obvious fact that God can!

I am not saying we should accept who we are by not seeking improvement… No that is not accepting. That is the psychological equivalent of sweeping dust under the rug.

To truly ‘accept’ who we are, we need to take a different route than the hoards of memes might tell us… To accept who we are we need to accept that we are not perfect, that we need to improve this or we will hurt ourselves as well as those around us, but at the same time, we need to realize that we have a purpose.

God created you and He made you good. He made you for far greater things than your human nature says you are worthy of. Do not feel you cannot go anywhere in life because you are not yet “good enough.” You will never be good enough! It is humanly impossible to be good enough! But God still uses us!

He has used murderers, adulterers, thieves, liars, the corrupt of every kind of way you can imagine…… And a donkey… And He not only helped them grow away from where they were headed. He let them change the very world around them too.

Just remember, we are following God, not waiting for Him.


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