Logic Vs World

Originally Posted June 16 2016

I don’t think one can use logic to deal with world issues anymore…. Or to be more exact, logic directed directly at world issues will not have the effect you hope for anymore…

Our world has become so saturated… We call them “hate” crimes but I find so often that hate stems from fear. Fear of what we don’t understand… Fear of who we can trust to make us understand, fear of who is lying to us, fear of who is manipulating us. Are our family and churches enlightening us to a manipulative media? Or is the media enlightening us to our primitive and cultish family and churches?

A lot of people deal with this by throwing away logical arguments all together focusing on discrediting their opponent instead of strengthening their own argument. But that worsens the problem, not improves it.

To improve it, we have to go back to the basics… Understand who we are, how we work, what our purpose is. As a Christian this is fairly easy, as we have God and the Bible as foundational absolute truths we can compare each thing against. However I realize there are a (highly patient with me) number of my friends who believe that there are no absolutes… That this whole world lacks in meaning and purpose save for what you make of it yourself…. For you…… Honestly I am sorry but I cannot think of any explanation or comfort within your ideals.

I do not preach God because I am paid to… Or because I am bound by duty… Nor am I being forced to say anything…. I preach God because so help me it is the only way I find this insanely complicated and backwards world makes sense! And it pains me to see my struggling friends who do not believe, but asking me to comfort without God is like asking me to make your bed of nails comfortable with good intentions. I cannot do it! So help me I am not the smartest man in the world, but it boggles my mind to try and come up with any genuine comfort to give you that you will accept.

However, should you have that foundation. Should you know our purpose, should you begin to understand our origin, things begin to make sense.

What matter is there to what others say? It matters not if they contradict each other so long as they not contradict the foundation. Yes people do things we would not do… But that does not mean you cannot understand why. It simply means you have further knowledge and understanding as to why not.

Once you understand your opponent you begin to respect and even love them even though you hate everything they do and stand for. You realize their identity is something greater still


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