Life Obstacles

Originally Posted August 22 2016

Life holds many obstacles… This is a depressing but accurate fact in reality.

While many of these obstacles are avoidable (don’t be an idiot… Plan ahead… Have backup plans… Avoid destructive behaviour) the truth is that you simply can’t avoid.

Maybe you have destructive people in your life you are forced to deal with… Or had an accident come up which forced you in debt or some other crippling effect… Maybe you simply were born not talented in an area those around you look for… We may say “control your life” but the truth is there are many things you will find you have very little control over.

Most of the world these days consider these things to be limitations… Irredeemable tragedies from which we shall never recover. “I would have made it if I was supported.” “I have nothing to give because I am not talented.” “I may as well give up because there is no getting out of this.”

The bible, however, paints a much different picture.

It tells of how our trials make us stronger. How our weakness is where God is most glorified. That every tragedy holds the message that God is STILL more powerful than that. Trials are not meant to defeat us. They are meant to shape us! Make us stronger.

Does this mean then we should seek out where we are weakest and live where we are most miserable? ….no…. That is called being a mascocist (however you spell it) and it is not safe, nor suggested. It is wise to know your weaknesses and to use the strengths God gave you where you can.

It does mean though, that no matter how dark and hopeless things may seem now, you will come out of this stronger than before. That the hard times are not meant to torture you, but to help you so you can help so many others.

Naivety is an amazing power. (One that seems to hurt and frustrate those who don’t have it far more than those who do) but wisdom comes from trials and experiences. Do not underestimate God, yourself, or the benefits of where you are


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