“Killed God”

Originally Posted May 26 2016

They say that they killed God.

They laugh and jive and cheer. “God may have created man!” They cry “But man now has killed God!”

They sing it like a war anthem while locked in their little walls. The walls they put up to shut the world away. The world that scared them, the world that was bigger than them, the world they could not explain or understand. They lock it all away so that the illusion can stand. The illusion that man has grown in power and that this little corner is all there ever was.

But outside the walls a storm is brewing. The war continues to rage on. The enemy need not breach the walls, for the walls do not protect, they contain.

The battle goes on, but the end is near. The enemy knows he has lost. There is no point in trying to win, only in taking as much with him as he can. He laughs as he knows all he holds.

Inside the walls the trouble grows. The walls are cramped and limiting. There is not much room for growth, and there is so much missing. But to suggest the walls exist would be to suggest the world outside exists, so instead people stay quiet and complain.

There is no room to grow, so instead they dig deep. They dig a pit of which there is no escape. They dig deeper and deeper into their little plot of land releasing all the terrors and dangers which lie beneath. But this must be the direction they were meant to go, as it is the only direction there is, afterall they have explored all there is in the world… At least within their walls.

Most of all they hate those who look beyond the walls. Those who warn of dangers approaching, or travel to seek new lands. Such actions are foolhardy and fantasy! Man has no need of such things! Man is safe! Man is contained! Man is where man is meant to be!

Beware the feeling that you have a grasp on this world, for the world is too vast for the human mind to grasp. Man has not grown in power the last 7000 years. We still live the same way we always have, complain about the same things we always have, draw the same lines we always have.

Humans have not grown, their worlds have only shrunk. A world which still exists is blocked out of view. In spite what people may think, what you do not see CAN and WILL still affect you.


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