Just… Do it!

Originally Posted July 20 2016

Sometimes it hits me how in life it’s about just… Doing things…

It’s easy to getting lost in the procedures of life. “I need certification!” “I need the proper schooling!” “I need to start at the bottom of a company and work my way to the top!” “I need to leave this to the people whose department is in charge of it and shouldn’t even think about things outside of my job description!”

But… Life is not on rails…. Sure the rules and regulations are helpful. The systems are set in place to give us direction and guidance… But life is not set in stone like that.

It’s easy to say “I am not a professional _____ therefore I cannot do it…” Want to know how to become a professional? Just do it…. Do it… Stink at it… Do it until you stink less at it… And after a while people may start to think you’re actually pretty good at it.

Not all people can do all things. Talents and limitations do have an effect on us sure… But don’t be afraid to look for life direction outside the box… Especially if the only thing keeping you inside that box is “I’m not a professional!” You never know what talents you may uncover!


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