It’s not WHAT but WHY

Originally Posted February 3 2016

List 10 things your parents did for you that really impacted your life……………………..

Now if I copied those 10 things, would I have the same relationship with you as you did with your parents? Not likely… If I did 100 things? …. Probably not. The main difference is that a relationship is not about WHAT is done as much as it is about WHY it is done, and unfortunately we do the same thing with following God.

I am all for learning from the wisdom and experience of Christians who came before me, but if you were to do everything Paul did, you wouldn’t be Paul!

We focus so much on the little things “they gave up the internet, so I need to! He sold his belongings, so I need to! She avoided thinking about marriage till she was 50 so I need to! They stood out on the streets shouting so we all need to!”

The thing is that focusing so much on WHAT they did, we miss the most important part! “They asked God to use them for His glory, and gave up fighting Him for control.”

In the end, THIS is what matters. Because the thing is, God has a different plan for each of us. He wants to lead us down different paths, use us in ways only we can be used. If we all walked the same path in life, we would lose the support from each other we can only get from our differences, as well as miss out on helping half the lives we need us.

The lives that came before us shed great wisdom, and can help us avoid a ton of pitfalls. But if your plan for getting closer to God involves a list of ten things you need to do to live your life like your hero, you’re doing it wrong. This is a relationship with God, not an Ikea shelving unit with God. Get your priorities straight, get communication open, and live each day with an ambition to look for where God’s leading you. You’d be surprised how far He’ll take you


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