It’s NOT the Internet!

Originally Posted April 20 2016

It’s not Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. It’s not Instagram, Youtube, or Pinterest. It’s not Computers, Smart Phones, or Tablets.

If you are faced, day after day, with hundreds of people, with access to hundreds of thousands of people of every country, in a forum which they are more open about their feelings, thoughts, and opinions. If you see this day after day, and all you think of is “Time Waster” and “Cat Pictures” which are destroying our society…. Don’t bother going offline…. Because going offline won’t help you. The problem is not technology. It is the people who decide how technology is used.

Technology is a tool. A powerful tool which is used to make what you want. It is hard to govern as it is international waters. It is impossible to control because it is so many people. It can be used to build up or also destroy. It can be used to build lives or destroy them. The ways it is used though is not the fault of the internet, but the hearts of the people who use it.

If you come here as an escape. As a way to let off steam, or do things you can’t normally get away with…. You can and it will break you. You can escape society on here but not reality. Your actions will catch up with you.

But if you come here with a desire to help people, and touch lives… There is no other medium in this world that is more powerful to do so. The Bible says to go out to all the world preaching the good news? Well guess what. Here is where all the world is standing. Are they scary? Yes. Will they react the way you want? Not always. But even if they don’t listen, they will hear you. And trust me when I say, showing love is the most powerful thing you can do on here.

I always find myself in a slight contradiction. On the one hand I spend day after day hearing non Christians label the entirety of the church as big headed, discriminatory, judgemental, fearmongerers who are scared of anything not from the middle ages, and judge things they’re too scared to understand…. So yes… Part of me is happy when people who say “Everyone who uses technology is society’s rejects!” Run away… It’s hard enough to be taken seriously without people adding fuel to the fire.

On the other hand however, every day I’m faced with people by the hundreds… Who hurt… Who suffer… Who have no hope, no purpose, nothing to fill the empty void of their lives. They want advice, they want comfort, they want friends… I’m one guy… And I’m a pretty weak and small guy on top of that… I can’t do this all myself… In fact it is only with God’s help that I’ve come as far as I have. We need less people judging the internet for their own weakness, and more people to demonstrate God’s strength!

If you leave the internet for scaring you, that is all it will ever be. But if you fight for the people on here, and pray for the wisdom, see what impact God can have in even the darkest of places.


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