Intuition vs Impulsive

Originally Posted February 13 2017

Being an intuition based person, I often hear this, and as such feel it needs to be stated;


Intuition is the body’s ability to observe things faster than the brain can fully register. Impulsiveness is making decisions based on your mood and basic desires.

Intuition still requires discernment. Even though following intuition requires a leap of faith, there is much thought and double checking that goes into it. Impulsiveness is doing without thinking whatsoever.

Intuition is not based on “your feelings” though it is “a feeling” Impulsiveness can be controlled by your mood, hunger, loneliness, or more.

Intuition is a skill which becomes more accurate the more you use it. Impulsiveness becomes more wild and uncontrollable the more you use it.

Intuition is something not everyone will learn. It requires a strong amount of knowledge about yourself while also a strong focus on those and the world around you instead of yourself. Impulsiveness is something anyone can do and most WANT to do. The only restraint we have against it is fear or common sense.

If you are not an intuition based person I can see why intuition based people make you feel uncomfortable. Intuition is not an exact science, nor is it something you have a great deal of control over. However it is more accurate than not, and I will admit, I have far more regrets from NOT following it than vice versa.

If you are not an intuition based person, please respect those of us who are. We can’t always explain our reasons, or understand them fully ourselves, but there is wisdom in our judgements so don’t discount them. To live a life watching people fall into pitfalls you warned them about ahead of time simply because you could not explain them well enough is a rather torturous existence. So when we do give advice, consider it at least


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