How do you Know Christianity’s Right?

Originally Posted June 11 2016

I was given a facebook rant request… How’s that for a first? The question? “In a world full of religions and theories, how do you know Christianity is the right choice?”

To be fair, this is a question we hear quite often these days. In a world that believes no choice we make matters as everyone is right no matter what they do, feel, or believe, (provided it remains inside the rapidly growing comfort zone of the loudest part of society) how can one say that a religion is right that says other religions are wrong? (Of course in that note how can you say they are wrong if everyone is right? But that argument rarely seems to work…)

The answer is quite simple, in spite of the scholarly debate the question seems to encourage.

The answer is…….. I don’t…..

I don’t know Christianity is the right choice, the same way I don’t know that I am truly doing a good job. I do not know if I am truly a guy, I don’t know if my hair is really brown, if my eyes are truly hazel, if the world is truly floating in the middle of emptiness. I don’t know if only humans exist, if dinosaurs are dead, if my food I cook is good, if my words have any impact in the world, if I am sane or a nutter or both.

The truth is I know nothing. Because how can anyone know anything? The endless possibilities that fill the whole of reality are so vast that no one could possibly claim to know even a fraction of them. We of course have a fake thing we call “proof” which is really more an acceptance that we are tired of arguing a point than “proving” anything.

So the better question therefore is probably not “How do I know,” but “Why do I think?”

See, everything we believe, be it religion, science, or our own senses, requires faith. This is not good, nor bad, it is simply reality so you may as well accept it up front. The world becomes a far more interesting place when you do. So then why do I choose to hold my faith in Christianity?

People are predictable. We claim we grow and progress, yet to tell you honestly, people have done the same things for the same motives in the same pattern for over 7000 years of recorded history. With that being said, there are many religions out there where I can understand why people say the things they say.

I can see why people would want to believe they can achieve a next stage. I can see why people would want something that promises riches, power, or to destroy those who stand against them. I can understand why people want to feel like they are improving. I can understand why people want something that tells others to follow them. I can understand why people claim peace but fear trust. Why they long for power but loathe responsibility, why they are attracted to success and run away from suffering.

This is human nature. It makes sense. If you follow any path, no matter how good your intentions are, it never takes long for them to come back to that state. But it is because of this that I find it interesting just how weird Christians are!

I am not talking about the catholic church in the middle ages that everyone loves to razz about… Nor the church of Amurica that the media loves to claim we are all like… I mean when people honestly read the bible and pray to God Christians. Afterall, if I want to prove or disprove something, it only means something if you view the entirety of the religion.

Christianity is weird…. Humanity is and will always be weak. We turn against the God who created us. We mock Him, spit on Him, kill His son, leave Him, refuse to trust Him… We are like spoiled teenagers making fun of their parents for caring about them… Yet in spite of that God loves us… We cannot come to God so God came to us… In their weakest moments Christians are strongest. When they suffer the most, Christians shine brightest. The joys of this world are not what they are after, nor what they look forward to in Heaven… It is the love of God they long for and the relationship with Him.

They give what they have and ask for nothing in return. They focus on what they can do not on what they can get. The longer they are a Christian, and the harder they chase after God, the less they live for anything humanity normally lives for and the happier they are for it (not to mention the more impact they have on others’ lives for it.)

The truth is, I cannot tell an unbeliever in words why I AM a Christian currently… Because my purpose for staying a Christian is the plethora of journeys and experiences God has taken me through that has grown my trust of Him to the level that it is today… But I can say the reason I decided to come back….. And that was love…. The realization of just how hideous and cruel a person I had become compared to how beautiful and amazing and perfect a person God is…. And How greatly He loved me in spite of that…. As if who I was didn’t matter because who I was to God was His beloved creation… No matter how weak, how evil, how corrupt, how worthless you may ever feel… You cannot experience that realization and walk away unchanged.

Anyways, there is my rant! Hope it is up to the usual standard you were looking for. Take care all!


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