Hearing God’s Voice

Originally Posted January 9 2017

I think more people have trouble with listening to God’s voice than hearing God’s voice.

I find when we think about God speaking to us in our prayers, many people say they cannot hear God in their life because they are looking for some great booming voice, earth shattering miracle, or other wonder that grabs their attention solving exactly their problem in an instant. But in my experience this is rarely the case.

Much like Elijah, it is the quiet voice where God speaks clearest. The voice you have to look for; which delights in helping you slowly and logically come to the answer by showing you step by step how His hand is in all the things you were worried about. It is the voice which is always there, but the voice you have to look for. The voice you have to WANT to hear.

Beware of those who tell you to doubt God’s voice… or that they can hear God’s plan for your life better than you can. There is wisdom in the council of others, but God wants a relationship with YOU, not with you through those around you.

Those who say “I feel God’s telling me to tell you to ____” often have the best of intentions… though they also make me the most nervous. Unless it is something I have been purposely ignoring God on, then why would God not simply tell me Himself??

Be wary about judging people on if they hear God’s voice or not…. It is easy to do but not your place. This is their relationship with God not yours… There have been a number of people who have done selfish things under the guise of “God is telling me!” But far more horrid things have been done under the guise of “God told me to tell you to _____” Jesus died on the cross and sent the Holy Spirit so that all could have a relationship with Him. It is our pleasure and our responsibility.

Though I do not assume to say how God will speak in your life, for I feel that He speaks to each of us differently and discovering how He speaks to us is part of our relationship with Him, there are things I have noticed.

God is Not Reactionary: There is a different between instinct reacting and listening to God’s voice. To react is to instantly switch to the reverse action for fear of consequences of the current action. The pot is hot, so you pull your arm back. A person insults you so you get angry at them. You lose your love/job so you go for whoever will take you. These are instincts. These are reactions. These rarely end well.

For God to react, would be to assume that God had to backtrack as an unexpected result had occured. God does not get caught off guard. God already knows all the obstacles that lie in your path. God does not react to have you escape your current circumstances, He acts to show you how these circumstances will be used for your benefit.

God Does Not Promise Comfort: It’s easy to assume that whatever feels good is where God is leading… but this is rarely the case. God’s plan is best, and He has our benefit in mind… but to say that His plan is comfortable? HAH! It very rarely is.

God Does Not Require Pain: There were many who took the previous statement and decided that all comfort is sinful and distracting from God’s plan…. that we serve a God who requires our pain for penance, who delights in our pain to show He still makes plans work. No. God loves us. Our suffering causes Him to suffer as well.

God Does Not Only Use Our Strengths: God gave us things we were good at and things we were bad at… but He is strong through all things and cares for us far too much to let us only grow to rely on our strengths ignoring our weaknesses and Himself. Don’t be surprised if He sometimes leads us to lean on our weak leg from time to time

God Does Not Require Us To Only Use Our Weaknesses: In relation to the last one. Don’t assume that just because God’s strength shines through our weaknesses that He requires us to only use our weaknesses and gives us strengths only to test us. He is GOD! Do not be so big headed as to assume He requires you as a wingman to shine His strength! Your greatest strength is beyond folly to Him! He gave you strengths for a reason so use them! But realize His strength will shine just as bright through your strength and your weakness provided you rely on Him not you!

I could go on listing these, but the main point is this…. Don’t go looking for a check list “This must be GOd’s voice because it is ___ ___ and ____” Because that’s not what it’s about! It’s about pursuing God and looking for Him! Not looking for what we decided Him to be.

Pray often, study God’s word, long to hear His voice. I honestly cannot imagine this world without Him


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