Good News

Originally Posted August 2 2016

Let it be known to all the world that this is the good news;

That the Lord our God who was before all things and above all things created all things to magnify his presence. But that in order to receive true love and honour and praise, He gave mankind the free will to choose to follow Him.

That we were created good. Created for a purpose which could only be fulfilled when combined with the presence of God. But that mankind chose sin over obedience, building a gap between ourselves and the essential part to our true potential (God)

That we rebelled against God and because of this consequences took place, just like would happen in any important choice. But instead of simply destroying His creation, God respected our choice and His love for us, and gave us a chance to return to Him by giving a promise of overthrowing the consequences that we had created. Consequences that were far too powerful for ourselves to overcome.

That the gap between God and Man continued to widen. That simply eliminating the sinful by flood or fire and brimstone was ineffective, because sin had become so ingrained in our very beings that eradication would not stop it.

That when things seemed hopeless, God reminded mankind of His promise, further promising one man that God’s promise would take place through his bloodline.

Thus led the journey of the nation of God’s chosen people. The people from which God’s promise would be fulfilled. Though they faced trials, God protected them and helped them prosper.

But no matter how much God did for them, the human heart was not so easily swayed. The people turned away repetitively, seeking what they felt they deserved while ignoring what they had.

Much like the day in the garden, they seeked to grasp control of their paths. Asking for kings, chasing after other gods, persecuting and turning against anyone who followed the true God, complaining, whining, asking “How could a good God let bad things happen?” “If God is real, why do those who don’t follow Him seem to prosper?” “Why do we follow these old ways, when the rest of the world seems so much smarter, fair, and enjoyable?”

For many years they ran away till trouble came, and then ran back. Then ran away till trouble came and the. Ran back. Till finally God turned away, allowing the promised people to go into slavery. For hundreds of years, the once prosperous nation that had been blessed by God lived in turmoil under one vicious nation and the next.

But God did not forsake His promise!

Hundreds of years later, an angel came to a young, engaged, teenage girl named Mary. The angel said how she would give birth to a son named Jesus, and that this would fulfil God’s promise as confirmed by the 4000 years worth of prophesies which would all be fulfilled within his life.

The promise was to be fulfilled! The saviour who would break the curse had come! But He was not the battle hardened warrior the people had come to expect.

He had not the aspects that mankind believed essential for a leader. He did not fight… He bore no weapons… He built no armies… Rallied no troops… Spoke not of overthrowing… In fact, He seemed to care very little about countries and politics and the such.

He had not come to fulfil the promise of God’s protected people… But a much older promise… The promise which was the reason God’s people were protected in the first place. He had come to overthrow the curse that humanity had placed themselves in, at sacrifice of His very being. And such a feat would require strength far greater than any leader the world had ever seen before.

He preached love… Kindness… Generosity… Caring… Respect…. Purity…. Fear of the Lord… And more!

Such a result confused and frightened the people. What power he wielded! But not the power they wanted… Nor would He become the power they wanted… For true authority none can control. And as such they plotted to stop and overthrow Him… They made arrangements to have Him killed… But this was not a destruction of God’s plan. No, quite the opposite. This was fulfilling it!

And so they took Him, and beat Him, and hung Him on a cross for all to see. Not realizing that each action they took, fulfilled more and more prophesies of what would happen… And further not realizing that by doing this, they only succeeded in fulfilling His purpose.

Jesus was killed on the cross. But this was not the case of one man taking the place of another on death row…. No…. This was the case of a marine letting himself be captured in the place of a child, for he knew he could take what the child could not.

Jesus was beaten…. Jesus was broken…. Jesus was dragged to the gates of hell itself carrying the weight and punishment of all the sins of humanity with him…. But He was not defeated! And 3 days later He had risen again from the dead.

And this is what we can gather from this story which took 4000+ years to write. That we are sinners… Weak… Unable to save ourselves. There are no good people and bad people. Sin is so engrained in our being that none can claim escape from its punishment.

But! Even though we are corrupted, we were created good. We were created for a purpose. We may feel weak and like we can accomplish nothing, but that is because we were never meant to operate on our own strength! We were designed to be dependant on God, and no knock off replacement can ever fully compensate for that hole.

Humanity was given a choice to rely on God, or to attempt to grasp control and protection themselves. They chose the latter, and this created a gap between us and God which would only widen with time. But God did not give up on us.

So God sent His son, to bear the burden we could not. To overthrow the curse we were defeated by. To free the people who had become enslaved. Not so we could become perfect, as we still are far from that. But so we could learn to rely on the one who is perfect, and fill that void we created.

The battles may not be over, but the war is won. Each day may be a fight for your soul. This world may continue to be seeped in sin as people continue to use their free choice to run away into the arms of things that would destroy them… But the deciding battle has been won.

And that is why this is the “good” news, or the gospel. Because we who chose to throw God aside repetitively, and who do not deserve to be saved from the pit we have thrown ourselves in, were not given up on.

No matter how much we doubted, feared, mocked, insulted, and ran away from God, He kept His promise. And continues to be here for us. Because He loves us



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