God of Power and Much Much More

Originally Posted February 23 2017

There are many, who when speaking of a god, think only of a being of great power.

“I have become a god!” “We have killed god!” “To me, they were a god!”

All these famous lines, be they talking about destructive power, wisdom, or influence, are all talking to some extent about becoming a deity simply by gaining power themselves. But this concept of “god” has a few flaws which causes it to fall short.

If “god” simply meant “being of power” then I myself would most likely be polytheistic. Because there are MANY MANY sources of power in this world. Money, Influence, Coercive, Sex Appeal, Science, Knowledge, Wisdom, Sorcery, Nature, Angels, Demons, Even the human body and spirit have powers beyond our comprehension. So yes. If all it took to be a god was power beyond my comprehension or ability to fight against, then there would have to be many gods in this world.

But if that was all that a god was, then this would be a scary world indeed. Because “god” is simply the most powerful being currently, then the position of “god” is no longer that of a deity that is to be honoured, but of a prize which is to be won through constant battle and uprises.

People talk of good gods and bad gods at battle with each other constantly, but this I find is a misnomer. For if a god was subject to being determined as “good” or “evil” then that deity is no longer a god.

A god is not a being which is subject to good or evil. A god is what determines WHAT is good and WHAT is evil. For this reason, to many people, their god is actually their current emotional status and instincts… which anyone who has gone through puberty can tell you is a fairly volatile thing to turn to for your distinction of good and evil.

For God to be God, yes there WILL be power, but that will not be the entirety of God’s being. For more than power, it will be the fact that He is above good and evil, as He is the one who decides what is good and what is evil. And for Him to have that wisdom and authority, the most logical explanation would be for Him to be the one who created all things and thus understands how they do and should work.

So for those who worship one thing or another… I am not discounting the existence of what they worship, or the power. For there are many things which can bring forth power to do a frightening amount of changes to this world. However I will say that chasing after things of power alone is setting the bar for yourself far too low. God is much more than power, though He is power as well. The powers of a god are meaningless without the heart of one.


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