Gen Y and Millennial Survival Guide

Originally Posted August 11 2016

GenY and Millennial survival guide:

– Your grades in schools will not matter as much as the amount you learn And apply…. I have never been turned down a job for being a 70-80% student instead of a 80-90% student

-Very few jobs will ask you WHAT you have a diploma or degree in… Just so long as you have one

-You will be turned down for employment a LOT!

-You will be blamed for this fact a lot more

-Don’t make big purchases…. Make big investments…. A purchase involves something you will enjoy in the moment. An investment is something you’ll be thankful for later

-Realize professionals, celebrities, and amateurs, are more alike than you may think

-GenY’s…. Older people will keep calling you millennials… Don’t bother arguing…. They don’t care that they’re wrong…. Yes your generations are pretty different

-If you live to survive, you won’t…. But if you survive to live you just might

-There is no framework to living. The downside of this is that you are not entitled to anything…. Being treated fairly… The bare minimum of survival… Love… Food… Happiness… Nothing…. The upside is that there are NUMEROUS ways to get by in this world by thinking outside the box

-Girls: When you see a knight in dingy and rusted armour instead of shining armour, realize those dents were created by the battles he fought to reach you. Guys: Realize your amour dents VERY easily… Choose your battles wisely

-Sometimes you lose more by winning the battle than you gain by surrendering the fight

-All in all… Life is hard…. Really really hard…. It just is… So don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed if you feel life is impossibly hard right now and you feel you are struggling more than anyone else…. Because here’s the thing…. Life is tough… And everyone else you think has it all together is struggling as well… It’s not about being the best at what you do… It’s about not giving up when you hit a wall. Because you will hit many many walls in life… But it’s by finding ways around and over them that we grow larger and stronger.

-Finally… Realize the goal of this life is not about wealth and comfort…. The only thing worse than not having the wealth and comfort you chase after, is achieving it and learning how worthless and empty it is…. You were created for a greater purpose, and you are being looked out for by a greater God… This life is scary…. Forget achieving “The American Dream”… Simply achieving the minimum for survival seems so impossible… But God is looking out for you. And He can handle it FAR better than you!



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