Fun Musings

Originally Posted September 23 2016

Fun Musings:
A person who sees something no one else can see is considered a lunatic… until other people are affected by said thing, then he is considered a genius

If you aim to fail, and succeed, what have you accomplished??

The early bird may get the worm…. but the pizza shop doesn’t open till much later… just saying….

Being alive has one of the highest mortality rates of most things you could do in life….

When you think about it… people act like who they are not, to impress people who act like THEY are not…. for fear of not matching up to the level you are at which you are not…

If we honestly created anti gravity…. would the thing we applied it to suddenly start flying across the earth at the speed the earth is spinning?

What if everyone sees the world COMPLETELY differently, but since we’ve been raised to apply certain words to certain images, no one’s really caught on yet?

Have you ever wondered what kind of mental state the people in math problems who buy like…. 40 watermelons must be in?

Ultimately the most effective weight loss program is to fly to the moon…

I sometimes feel like the platypus is the ultimate proof that God has a sense of humor…

The living body digests matter… turns it into energy… and then turns that energy into skin, hair, nails, bone, and other stuff…have you ever thought of how kind of crazy that is?

Beethoven was ultimately the first musician to think of “Good Vibrations”

I used to think that puns were the ultimate proof that comedy does NOT originate from suffering…. however, considering peoples’ reactions to some of my puns… I’m not so sure…

People who are really tired really shouldn’t write facebook statuses…


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