Focus on Needs of Others

Originally Posted March 31 2016

People want this world to change and suffering to end, but it is far too easy to turn around and complain about fulfilling someone else’s needs because you still have your own.

In order for this world to really change, we need to be so focused on filling the bowls of those around us that we don’t have time to focus on the current state of our own bowl.

Is this thinking shortsighted and immature?… yes… if this world is all there is to it. If humans are all there are to look after humans… if we have to look out for ourselves lest no one else do it… then yes… you had best keep a tight grip on your pursestrings and do whatever you can to maintain the lifestyle you need to survive

……if humans are all that there are in this world…..

however… if there is a God… and He is the God of the bible, a God of love, not a God of demands… then why are you worrying about your own state of life? Do you think God will let those who go out with a passion and heart to help His children fall? Do you think your life could possibly end as a waste if you lived it in order to better His kingdom and the lives of those around you?

Love those around you… Love God… Talk with God… go where God leads… Help those God has led to you… do not ignore the tugging on your heart, it was put there for a reason…

This life is a burden you were not meant to carry alone… How do you expect to fix anyone’s problems as you carry a burden too great to bear as it is?


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