Faith To LIVE for God?

Originally Posted January 2 2017

Many Christians ask; “Do you have enough faith to DIE for God?” as if it’s some great commitment… It’s never really made sense to me. To die for God isn’t exactly impossible…. To die for nothing is a tragedy and one that I would never want to face, but to die for God and then to see Him on the other side? I mean what part of this is exactly supposed to be a trial?

Do you know what IS a trial to test your faith? To LIVE for God! THAT is hard!

To continue your life through the fires all around you. To suffer and fail time and time again. To have the threats pile up one after another closing in around you, yet to not lose heart, and to keep on going… because you know in your heart of heart’s that God is STILL in Control and that He WILL lead you through this.

To live for God, through continued pain and threat without the comfort of an end in sight yet to still not fear for you know that God is in control and loves you through it all… that is the strength I want… that is the faith I want


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