Evangelizing vs Witnessing

Originally Posted August 26 2016

You know… I think often as Christians we focus way too much on the actions of evangelizing without considering the effects…

Having a large group of friends who are very involved in the church, only looking outside the church as an attempt to help other people, as well as a large group of friends who have been spurned by the church, or raised to be distrustful of the church hating and being cynical towards every aspect of Christianity gives a rather interesting… though also can give you a stupidly large headache/heartache hearing the two extremes go at it.


*Sign saying ‘God is Coming’*

Christians: Oh! This is so true! This will enlighten people! Amen to that! That is great!

Non Christians: ‘Winter is coming!’ OH! HIDE YO KIDZ! HIDE YO WIFE! DAT GOD IZ COMIN! Well then tell Him I’m leaving!

*Person Evangelizing on the Side of the Street*

Christians: See! That person has so much faith! I wish I was that strong! We should all do that! I bet we could get a group together to outreach to people!

Non Christians: Don’t make eye contact with that nutter…. Oh! I’m SO recording this nutjob for Instagram! How can anyone even follow such nutty things?!

*Easter Service Announced*

Christians: He died and rose again for us. This is truly the best day of the year!

Non Christians: YAY! ZOMBIE JESUS DAY! I can’t believe we have to put up with all this junk again.. at least we get a day off

There are a ton more, most of which are harder to even quote.. but we’ll leave it at 3 for now.

So what am I saying? Am I saying as Christians we should stop evangelizing and just live in fear of being offensive or speaking out? NO! There is no secret that Christianity is offensive! We live in a culture right now that anyone who places walls is considered offensive. Where the more things you’re willing to have sex with is considered admirable and upstanding. Where the most important thing is what fun you have right now and the problems that arise later are clearly someone else’s fault.

But here is the problem… As Christians we tend to get… too stuck in our own world… And this isn’t an entirely bad thing. If you struggle with your faith it is GREAT to have that Christian support there for you. But at the same time, it can give us a disconnect from the real world.

We get way to stuck in our Christianese, and saying things WE find impactful or WE find make us feel smart and good… that we forget the entire point of Evangelizing which is to help those around us by showing them the one thing that saved our butts from all the pain and suffering of this life. It’s not about sounding smart, or academic, or bold, our outgoing. It’s about being able to show people a light that they don’t have…. the light you didn’t have to begin with but now you want others to see so they can feel the peace you have. You can’t accomplish that if you’re focused on what you’re doing. You can only do that focused on how they’re reacting.

Now you won’t be able to convince everyone… in fact you’re pretty much guaranteed to be laughed at and persecuted for doing this. The thing about naivety is that wisdom looks idiotic to it as it comes from a perspective far greater than they can currently see. But here’s the thing. I love my Christian friends. I love my non Christian friends… But my biggest argument has and probably always will be that the biggest thing turning people away from the church are Christians.

Jesus didn’t shout to the people and then go home to his groupies and say “Man I did good today didn’t I?” The disciples didn’t even do that! They listened, they replied, they got involved, they dined, they worked with, and they spoke where they were invited to. Where people were free to teach and give out their opinions. They came from the aspect of a wise friend. And as such they grew. Not as someone who chased down then ran away


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