Encouragement of Injustice

Originally Posted June 2 2016

Crazy thought… But it’s actually surprisingly encouraging that bad things, injustice, and suffering happens in this world.

Now hang with me a second here. I am not saying it is a good thing that bad things happen… But there is encouragement to be found in the fact that there are bad things.

Take it this way. What is a bad thing? …no not examples… What fundamentally makes something bad? The simple answer is this. For there to be something bad there must first be something good. For unless there can be a “Good” to compare it to, ultimately nothing that has or can be done can possibly be considered bad.

Now if the fact that there must be good in this world is not encouraging enough for you, here’s question 2:

How can you know that something is bad? Like not what signs can you see… I mean how are you physically capable as a human being to know what is good or bad?

Now my college professors at this point would go on a rant of social norms, and cultural expectations, taboos, group think, what have you… Let’s face the facts…. For the last 7000 years humanity has held the relatively same basic morals following the same basic cycle from each kingdom’s rise and fall to power. Every “Progressive social justice” issue you push has been pushed before, every “World destroying fault” has been faulted before…. Though aesthetics have changed, the general mechanics of society and the progress of civilizations have remained untouched for 7000 years…

So long story short… Morals and society are something far deeper than peer pressure. They are human nature itself.

So the question then is… How can we as corrupt, and cruel humans who cheat, lie, live selfish lives, give in to greed and lust… How can we know so well from day 1, “Oh… I shouldn’t do that… This shouldn’t happen to me… This is bad!”

The answer is quite simple… You have to have been created to be good.

So yes…. There is bad in this world… But take comfort in knowing that in order for there to be bad there must also be good out there!

Yes, people are capable of great evil, but we are created for great good.

Realize there are two sides to the coin. For great suffering there is also great encouragement to be found.

Never give up. Keep aiming for the good!


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