Create the Places You Wish Existed

Originally Posted December 31 2016

It’s easy to fall into the trap of lamentations towards what seems to be missing in the world.

Why are there no real places introverts can meet? Why is there no one who can tutor me in Japanese nearby? Why is there no learning system based on the “Tying to existing knowledge” memorization system instead of the “Repetition” memorization system? Why are career counsellors more like glorified sites instead of actual counsellors who can analyze your strengths and give good suggestions on what you need to work on and where you would excel in? Why is it so hard to find a place you feel you belong in instead of a place you’re allowed to exist in?

It’s easy to be bogged down with these questions and trials that you forget something important. If you don’t keep fighting forward even if you fight alone, then such places will never exist.

So keep being who you are. Keep fighting forward through the hard times. Yes it means more work than others may face, and it may seem like an impossible uphill battle at times… but continue to work to make the places that you wish existed for yourself. Because if you don’t, such places never will exist


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