Chasing Dreams

Originally Posted October 18 2016

You know… when you really think about it, dreams are a silly thing to chase after in life.

They’re rarely easy, profitable, or respected. We miss out on many of life’s fleeting pleasures as we make sacrifices to get closer to our goals. We get told that we’re being irresponsible, that we need to grow up, that we need to get over ourselves and let go of these childish fantasies… and to an extent they’re right…

We probably could accomplish far more by just focusing on surviving. We probably could have better chances if we focused on getting by and saved our dreams for casual hobbies when we have time. Its true enough that living in this world is tough enough already and made a million times harder by all these irrelevant societal norms and expectations, and that trying to fight against the system you’re basically shooting yourself in the foot.

But I think that’s why it’s so important…

I think that’s why dreams are so important to us. Because if they weren’t, we would never fight on when life gets tough. If they weren’t, we’d turn back the minute we realized how unrewarding some days are chasing after them. There are some things in this world, that are just too important to give up on. And I think it needs to be that way, because without dreams, this world will crumble.

It’s true that there are many who can continue to live and thrive hiding in the shadows, not making a fuss, just doing what it takes to get by…. but if no one stands up, and everyone continues to hide, society itself begins to crumble.

The infrastructure grows stagnant. The people forget why they live. Value becomes a foreign concept, people forget their purpose, and as we start living our lives the way we do because those are the actions we are supposed to take, instead of living our lives the way we do because our actions serve a purpose…. the benefits of our actions fade, and the conflicts of our actions skyrocket.

Though our world is full of people who believe “Better safe than sorry.” Is the best policy…. who base their future paths on past results… who believe the best way to stand out is to do what everyone else is doing, shunning risk, and stopping things that will stir the waters… realize that for the most part, these are all usurpers of their thrones.

Let not the height from which they stand fool you. For anyone can sit upon a high perch already built and claim they achieved this by their own hands. If you look back through these companies, almost every perch was built by those who chased after something thought impossible. Who fought odds and worked hard to make something that shouldn’t have worked work. Whether by improving on an existing idea, or creating something new, it is by risk and innovation that these companies grew. But now that they have tossed that aside, they have nothing but height from their decomposing roosts to hold as an advantage.

So do not be afraid to dream. Do not be afraid to question. Do not be afraid to push for something that seems impossible. The results of such people this world needs. And the results of such a journey you will benefit from.

Remember that failure is not the end, unless you treat it like your enemy. Try, fail, learn, strengthen, and try again! This world needs people like that. Now more than ever


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